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Seth Godin the art of marketing

On March 19, 2014, six internationally renowned bestselling authors and thought leaders will be in Vancouver speaking at The Art of Marketing, and one of them is marketing guru and bestselling author Seth Godin.

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Godin is, author and founder of, is synonymous with innovation within the marketing community.

For Godin, marketing is the art of making something that people want to talk about or producing something people want to engage in. We are now in the “Connection Economy” and, for the first time, we have the ability to effectively reach everyone in the world. Too many marketers are concerned with what’s next. For Godin, what’s next doesn’t matter; it’s what’s now.

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Here are some great bite size videos from Seth and The Art Of:

Think like a small business

Every big business needs to act more like a small business. Every small business needs to embrace the fact that the owner is only one click away from the customer. That the owner, that the person that cares enough can change things if they decide that the market needs it. And yes, big businesses have to do the same thing, otherwise they’re going to keep industrializing themselves out of the picture.

The future doesn’t belong to the mighty industrialists, the future belongs to the adroit, agile small business person; who could listen and then deliver.

The science and the art of marketing

Being a remarkable marketer

Getting your ducks in a row

Kickstarting your tribe


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