Mike Gillis' letter to Canucks season ticket holders


After trading away the best goalie in club history and making a minor move on trade deadline day, Canucks GM Mike Gillis sent the following letter to season ticket holders.

With the trade deadline a week behind us, I wanted to communicate directly with our Season Ticket Members. You are a very important part of the Canucks family, and I’d like to give you more insight into last week’s developments and our plan for the team going forward.

In addition, I will be inviting you to participate in a webcast after I get home from the GM meetings and upcoming road trip. I want to articulate our plans with you openly and want to give you an opportunity to ask questions so that you have a greater understanding of the vision.

Our mission remains the same: to win the Stanley Cup. Last summer we said we had to make some changes to our team. We need to get younger, faster and stronger to succeed. That process is happening now, as we look to retool by surrounding our veteran stars with new, young talent. You can look at Anaheim as a recent example of a team that has retooled successfully.

Trading Roberto was not an easy decision. We are grateful for his tremendous contribution to our team and city, and we wish him much success. But the moves we’ve made go beyond goaltending. We are now younger and we are getting deeper. We’ve added a big, strong 6’4″ centre in Shawn Matthias, who is excited to be here and will help this team now. And we believe in our talented group of prospects, including Bo Horvat, Nicklas Jensen, Frank Corrado, Dane Fox, Brendan Gaunce and Hunter Shinkaruk, who will be part of our short and long-term success. We are also well positioned financially, having created over $5 million in cap room to make the right deals for this team. That’s in addition to the $7 million we expect the salary cap to increase next season.

We approached the deadline with long-term success in mind. We were prepared to make a hockey deal on trade deadline day, not a short-term fix. The players offered at the deadline did not fit our vision of where we want our team to go. We need to get younger and more balanced to be more competitive, and we didn’t see the right players to accomplish that goal. We are not willing to compromise our long-term vision for the sake of change.

We are committed to putting a winning team on the ice for you. Our ownership is supportive and will invest whatever it takes to bring the Cup to Vancouver. As we move towards this goal we will continue to invest in your arena and Canucks fan experience.

Thank you again for your continued support. We are enduring a challenging period, but your passion makes it possible for us to put our team in a position to compete. Our organization is committed to doing whatever it takes to win, and we want you to be here with us when we achieve our goal.


Michael D. Gillis
President and General Manager
Vancouver Canucks


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  • Tido

    No mention of Kassian. Guess that trade was a bust

  • pub

    fire gillis

  • abby

    Its called sucking up because of f**kups.

  • Ryan

    Lmao “Our mission remains the same: to win the Stanley Cup. Last summer we said we had to make some changes to our team.”

    Yeah usually when one makes changes, they try and change for the better.. not get a bunch of plugs.

    Already cancelled seasons tickets for next year.


  • MG

    Improve your scouting. Trade the Sedins for some strong, tough leadership upfront. Can’t have a Captain who’s going to skate to the bench in a Game 7 of a Stanley Cup final when the rest of his linemates have dropped their gloves. Finesse can only take you so far…..Like you said Gillis, Look at Anaheim.

  • Evelyn Ridsdale

    if your trying to get younger players so we could win the Stanley cup your failing miserably GET RID OF GILLIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!FIRE GILLIS!!!!!!!

  • FedUpCanuck

    Fire Gillis now!

  • j9ner

    Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!!!!

  • Tone

    Right, he’s got to go.

  • Tyler

    Get Schneider BACK!!!!

  • Hey

    Hire Trevor Linden as the Head Coach!

  • Jonathan Suzuki

    some hard hitting CANADIAN talent would be a good plan

  • justbigb

    You cant win without a great goalie. Sorry Eddie. So whats your plan for that now? Two top line goalies gone for peanuts and what do you to go forward with that will be in a winning way?

  • Comox66

    Fire Gillis… don’t care anyways… I have found a new team to cheer for

  • Dara

    Gillis has got to GO now , We true Canucks fans can only wait so long for The Holy Grail of Hockey !!!

  • Raymond Tony Charlie

    We need goal scoring badly, lots of chances and opportunities but no one seems to be able to put it into the net…

  • Roo

    Mr. Gillis, I humbly suggest you remove any mention of the “Cup” from your vocabulary for the remainder of the season, at a minimum.

  • Preston

    Mason Raymond is still fairly young and would be the leading scorer on our team this year. Instead we gave him to Toronto for nothing. Seriously? Shouldn’t have traded Schneider if you knew we were eventually trading lou. I have confidence in Lack but Schneider should be our number 1 right now. Also Alain seems to be doing quite well in New York. Alain should’ve stayed and Gillis should’ve left. He resigned Lou to the ridiculous contract that caused all the drama

  • Mitch Read

    pathetic bandwagoner

  • Dennis

    Sincerely, Canucks PR

  • Wild Bill

    go fuck yourself gillis

    younger ,faster ,better

    doesnt mean trade both of your a class A goaltenders
    and get absolute crap in return .

    the trade may have had to happen
    but in both incidents ,this year and last
    the return was so horrible that a fire mike gillis page
    was started up just to show outrage

    again i say fuck you mike gillis

  • Cheery

    The trades Gillis has made have been heartbreakers..just like tonight’s game..The poor Canucks…I truly feel sorry for the guys..we still have 15 games left..let’s still show the team our support and stay behind them..I’ve had a few bad years in my life..and my friends and family did not give up on me..C’mon people..there is no better team and community than the Canucks…

  • http://www.fergusonmoving.com Promover

    I know, lets get those kids from the Tim Hortons TIMBITS league that plays during 2nd period intermission. They’re pretty “young, balanced and competitive.”

  • James Roach Mills

    Maybe Mike should address all Canucks fans and not the select few corporate guys who never watch the game anyway.

  • john

    …a true canuck fan will wait however long it takes…i’ve been waiting since 1970,still ain’t used to it and probably never will be but that’s been the price of being a Canuck Fan.

  • guest

    The only Stanley Cup we’ll be winning is a “cup” (protective equipment) from a player named Stanley

  • mantaray999

    let’s see what happens.

  • Vanman


  • Stan Lee

    I think he pretty much saying that the season is over, have a great day and cheer for Anaheim to win the cup. MickeyG sure knows how to run a team into the ground. The guy and John Tortorella must have had some great experience and track record to be hired by the Aquilinis – sure as hell have a great eye for talent. We will see how patient they are when season ticket holders start leaving…I still remember the Mike Keenan era – couldn’t even get bums in the seats the Canucks suck so bad. Feel pretty bad for fans that gave so much loyalty and support to the team.

  • K

    What a mistake… have fun on the wait list when you decide to jump back on the bandwagon. SMH.

  • Mel

    WHAT A CROCK of CRAP. It was nice of you to pull your head out of your ass long enough to right this letter. Mike Gillis you need to do us all a favour and stick his head back up his ass and leave town.

  • Werner Heisenberg

    Lol this fuckin liar never had em to begin with

  • Werner Heisenberg


  • shoppingcartforum

    Why are you guys mad? You were going downhill since the SCF. Trade the Sedin’s while they still hold value and bring in some nice picks from 2015. You guys should never have gotten rid of Erhof though…a PP QB is a definite element to a winning team.

  • Golf

    “We need to get younger” = Grabner gone, Hodgson gone, Schneider gone.

  • Golf

    Too late. GO Whitecaps!

  • Osama bin creepin

    RIP in peace canucks playoff dreams 2014

  • GCT

    Never underestimate the stupidity of idiots!

  • GCT