Electric Jelly "Do it yourself Doughnuts" at Hawkers Market Saturday

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“Experiences are the new indulgence” says Chris Jerome Founder and Director of Hawkers Market Canada’s roving underground food market and incubator program. Inherently experiences are what we craft at Hawkers. All of us that make these markets happen (and there are a lot of us) dream wild and vividly about food and transforming people by taking them into our cultures, experiences and minds showing people who we are through our work in food.

This weekend in the spirit of dreaming and indulgence we are playing with the humble yet noble doughnut. Our catalyst for this is Electric Jelly Doughnuts.

The spirit behind it is a team of 7 people. Originally Chris Said “its started with me thinking I wanna do crazy neon doughnuts with sharp flavours you wouldn’t expect”. “Then it kept growing I chatted with Gabriel of the Artful Desperado” Chris says and we built a whole concept around just taking photos for Instagram of the doughnuts that wouldn’t suck at the market. Everyone sees enough sad lunches on Instagram. The Doughnuts will be a team up with Joel Oschendorf of Oxtale, David Mendes of Blue Mule, Vancouver food and lifestyle bloggers The Food Gays and Chris from Hawkers.

“I had this tremendous doughnut while staying in London at The St.John Bakery and its the doughnut I compare all other doughnuts to, a shining standard of doughy fried custard perfection achievable by few and maybe us. The Doughnut was a yeast raised custard and sometimes jam and fruit filled doughnut” Chris elaborates.

This weekend we take it a step further, Electric jelly is offering a bar where you are able to choose your filling, glaze and dips. Think Pink-berry meets Voodoo doughnut meets Eddie Huang. “Expect delightfully weird, we want this to make people laugh when they eat them…we want people go go crazy and combine weird stuff and have fun”, says Chris.

One last thing Electric Jelly has a special and you have to ask for it and there are super limited amounts due to its excess.

This is for the serious food culture addicts and is not to be trifled with. Oh the Special has a name ask for it in code by ordering a “fernand” .

Electric Jelly Doughnuts and Hawkers Market are here for 1 night only this Saturday March 29th to celebrate their 1st year anniversary.

Tickets are $10/fees bucks in Advance and help local food entrepreneurs flourish in Canadian cities like Vancouver.

Get them before the sell out at hwkrsmrkt.eventbrite.ca

Follow Electric Jelly on Instagram this weekend for the launch @electricjellydoughnuts

Follow Hawkers Market on Twitter for all things underground food in Vancouver @hawkersmarket

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