Dolphins Spotted at False Creek (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

dolphins vancouver

This morning, in time for St. Patrick’s Day festivities, many local residents reported spotting a pod of dolphins in the waters of False Creek.

A pod of approximately 10 dolphins were swimming in False Creek near the Aquatic Centre.

There is some speculation that this pod might have been separated from a much larger pod seen yesterday morning near Squamish when a pod of transient orca whales chased hundreds of dolphins into a narrow channel and began feeding on them.

Photos: Sunset Beach taken by Douglas Pynn.

Dolphin 3

Dolphin 1

More photos of the Dolphins in and around Vancouver waters.

dolphins in vancouver water

dolphins sunset beach

dolphins vancouver

Photos by Dave Manders.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 11.44.36 AM

Photo from @Falsecreekferry

Video of the dolphins in Vancouver’s False Creek

Here is another video from Greg Hoekstra

If you have any photos of the dolphins please send them to

Main Image: @Mikeschemeee

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