CanuckCast - Ep 013 - The only time I've booed the Canucks

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It’s almost as rare a sight as seeing an NBA team in Vancouver, but just as the Grizzlies were once a tenant of GM Place and the great city of Vancouver, so too did I once – just once – boo the Vancouver Canucks.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and that was the case in January of 2009 when the Canucks played the Predators and I made my voice heard. Wednesday’s game against Nashville made me remember those dark times.

Let’s recall them together in Episode 013 of #CanuckCast:

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Shaheed Devji Shaheed is a former television broadcaster who has covered news and sports as an anchor and reporter for CTV News in Vancouver and CHEK News in Victoria. He is now a small business owner, videographer and an avid YouTuber.

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