CFL Felion Tryouts - Behind the Scenes Video

Hundreds of dance hopefuls compete for one of 42 spots on the CFL's Felions dance team.

It’s all sports bras, short shorts and sharp claws in this behind the scenes feature, as VancityBuzz ventures to the 2014 Felion tryouts. With the Grey Cup set to be hosted in Vancouver, this year in particular drew hundreds of young, hot hopefuls.

Many who auditioned had dance experience and were able to prove why they should be one of the 42 chosen for this prestigious CFL dance team. Others, had a harder time impressing the judges, including Breakfast Television superstar Dawn Chubai.

Vancouver-based choreographer Jenny Duffy worked the girls into a sweat, while Coordinator Alexandra Severyn looked on with a sharp eye. First cuts were made early, but the sound of breaking hearts were quickly drowned out by a new beat, as the chosen ones continued to dance on.

After making it through the day of eliminations, the girls will be interviewed and the new Felions team will be announced before the weekend.

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