35 Banksy-esque murals in Vancouver

Banksy Vancouver mural street art public art

A Vancouver street artist by the name of “i♥️” has been giving the city’s public spaces a Banksy-esque touch.

The artist is just as elusive as famous British artist Banksy, who has transformed his artwork from acts of vandalism to sought-after high art pieces.

Yesterday, Banksy gave i♥️ a subtle nod of approval by sharing on Facebook a photo of the Vancouver artist’s “Nobody Likes Me” mural. Within only a day, the photo on Banksy’s Facebook page has clocked 117,000 likes and 13,500 shares.

For more works of art by i♥️, check out his website: http://iheartthestreetart.com/. 11’x17′ print versions of “Nobody Likes Me” can be purchased for $30.

What is your favourite piece by i♥️? Let us know by commenting below.

Banking It

The iMad Too








The Glitz Isn’t So Glam


Subcultural Appropriation


Busy Seeking Nothing




Le Tigre


Guilded End


Night Life




“Fairey” Tale


Minimalism Is Deep


The Pursuit


Lovely Bones


Catch of the Day


Rich Man, Poor Man


Wake Up


Heart’s a mess…


Banksy Bites


To Build A Home


Material Girls


Nobody Likes Me

Nobody Likes You Banksy

Forget me not




Big Heart


The Missing Piece


The Searcher


Don’t Cry…


Heart in a cage


Contemporary anarchists…




Balloon Boy


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  • http://demicouture.ca victoria_potter

    Let’s stop celebrating an artist with zero originality. He is 100% ripping off another artist, just to gain popularity, and [sadly] it’s working.

  • KevanKevan

    Where is Le Tigre?

  • Matt Devlin

    Being inspired by another artist’s work is called being inspired.

  • Brandit

    @disqus_Tzbgh7LDpN:disqus Bansky wasn’t original either… Look into blek le rat. He’s French graffiti artist and the grandfather of stencil street/”urban” art… Please do your research before trying to devalue someone’s vision and art (original in your eyes or not)… In reality, in this day and age most things have already been done. Even when someone thinks they’re being original. It’s been done!.. There’s a collective consciousness among human beings and the universe, whether or not people want to believe it…

  • Brandit

    Suppose to be @disqus_Tzbgh7LDpN:disqus not @disqus_Tzbgh7LDpN (don’t know how that happened)…

  • moomy

    I will take whatever street culture I can get in Vancouver. A rip off of another artist is way better than what’s out there right now.

  • moomy

    By the look of it, under Cambie bridge, south side.

  • Brycon Slaughter Casey

    These are cool and all but I can’t stand anarchists.

  • http://www.crispculture.com/ Crisp Culture

    iHeart shirts are available through our online store: http://store.crispculture.com/collections/iheart
    We have been working with iHeart for awhile and they are official artwork.

  • http://www.ihath.com/ ihath

    I wish you would list the location of each piece.

  • Justin

    Ironically Banksy shared this artist’s work, and even more ironically Banksy was inspired by another artist, blek le rat. And to top it off the two talk and inspire each other.

  • Janet A Bruce

    Ditto that ! Imagination of any kind promotes Creativity… ??

  • ab

    I heart it.

  • Laura Robertson

    My favourite is still the Stanley Park time machine – on the kids’ dryer at the waterpark near Lumberman’s Arch.

  • Laura Robertson

    Where is Wreckon? It’s awesome! Oh wait, maybe somewhere near Wreck beach?

  • Laura Robertson

    I agree with you – there is so little good street art in Vancouver. So many crappy tags. Let’s celebrate someone who’s adding a bit of beauty and thought. Besides, the animal faces and skull are totally original.

  • bob

    This is who Banksy ripped off. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blek_le_Rat

  • Anon

    Watch ‘Exit through the Gift Shop’. An ‘artist’ by the name of ‘Mr. Brainwash’… He completely rips off other artists and while making a profit.

  • Todd Couper

    negative Nancy @disqus_Tzbgh7LDpN:disqus I sugest you watch… http://everythingisaremix.info/

  • nabes

    this is wack

  • nabes

    this guy gets praised for his un originality, whereas i get busted for my graff, which by the way is freehand no stencil, no colouring in the numbers. maybe a little pre planning of where and what but nothing concrete

  • szl

    Why do people consider this “art”

    If people did this stuff on canvas, no one would care…. because its on a wall, its so revolutionary and counter culture… FIGHT THE POWER! STICK IT TO THE MAN!!!!….. ya no thanks. This is some pretentious crap done by some pseudo artist.

  • Stinky

    I know, huh? Go into any art museum or gallery- *nothing* on canvas.

  • szl

    Im afraid Sir Stinky, you missed my point. Perhaps its my fault for not being clear enough.

    The great masters have given us some incredible works on canvas to admire, that entailed years of study, mastering color, light, shadow, anatomy, proportions, perspective etc…. Marvels of human achievement.

    My point was, if this “art” was put on canvas it would be tossed aside and not given a second glance, it is only somewhat relevant because it is being painted on buildings and other such places.

  • Stinky

    Sure. I troll szl- szl knows I troll. But- it’s *not* on canvas, or offered for sale for millions. And unlike your favourite Caraveggio- I haven’t seen much coverage of The Masters on VanCityBuzz, by the way- it will be but a memory this time next year. So let’s not hold it to that standard. What it is, today: quite compelling For What It Is, and better by a huge margin than the scrawls that were there yesterday and those that will, unfort, be there tomorrow. I celebrate that, derivatively Bankskiesque though it may be. Join in? I hope you will. Tomorrow will already be too late.

  • http://www.converge.ws Zentrepreneur Max Freeman

    please someone list the locations so I can go take my own photos, remix them in photoshop, and then sell prints!

    yes, I 2nd (or third) everyone to watch, Everything is a Remix


    then watch the Banksy movie


    -exit thru the gift shop.

  • http://azaroff.com William Azaroff

    Does anyone know if this is the same artist who did this? This is my favourite graffiti I’ve ever seen in town.


  • EnyonEugenius

    I guess copyright lobby got deep in your heads… really ripping by using and art stile that someone else come up with?