Volkswagen Beetle placed atop UBC clock tower by engineering students

UBC Clock Tower Engineering Week Beetle

UBC’s engineering students are ending their engineering week festivities by topping it off at the campus clock tower, literally.

The students have brought back a long-running, annual engineering prank of placing awkward objects at the most unlikely locations. Photos by campus newspaper The Ubyssey show that a Vollkswagen Beetle was lifted overnight to the top of the clock tower next to Koerner Plaza, and the clock itself has been covered by a ‘E’ that marks the engineering faculty identity.

The prank by engineering students is an attempt to highlight their skills in a very public way while also celebrating highly engineered structures. In 2008, they dangled a Beetle below the Lions Gate Bridge bridge deck and attempted to repeat the stunt in 2010 off the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge.

However, that stunt on the Second Narrows crossing failed when the cables snapped, causing the car to drop into the water. Students responsible for that stunt were caught in the act and fined.

No word yet on what UBC officials think of the latest stunt, and who will be responsible for taking the car off the 140-foot tall clock tower. This morning, engineering students also renovated their Dean’s office into a small janitor’s closet.


Featured Image: Will McDonald via Twitter

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  • Longahnsk


  • The Flipside

    Awesome to see this tradition back! They should earn a new patch on their jackets for this one.

  • Heisenberg

    oh yay……how hard was that? drunk hooligans could do the same. we can actually see the duct tape on the VW.

  • fizz4lyfe#literally

    What makes you think this was not done by drunk hooligans? haha

  • Adam Centurione


  • Mr. Opinion

    You are simply a jealous wantabe.

  • Jeanne Denewark

    Christ, can they engineer a way to make the illuminati psychopaths disappear?

  • Heisenberg

    amateur hour @UBC

  • Mr. Opinion

    Yeah, whatever Heisenberg… *you* are on a vancitybuzz message board and the story is about them… who’s the amateur again? It just may be time to stop projecting.

  • Guest

    My dad did that prank first in 1982 or 83. 😀

  • KeeksD

    My Dad hung his cousin’s beetle off that clock tower in ’82. 😀