A chat with author Reva Seth of "The MomShift" (VIDEO)

VancityBuzz Book Club: Author Reva Seth of "The MomShift."

Can women have a successful career after children? Author Reva Seth of “The MomShift” discusses how we, as a collective society, need to shift how we think of maternity leave and motherhood.

In this first video from the VancityBuzz Book Club, I meet Reva for tea (and sparkling water) at the Metropolitan Hotel in Vancouver, where we touch on some stories from the 500 plus women she interviewed to make this second book a reality. Also, she gives advice to the younger generation, who are being brainwashed with a linear life mentality, thinking it is simply get a career, get established, and have a family once everything is in order. But life isn’t like that, and she wants people to know that it’s okay. The times are changing and it’s time to start talking about it.

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