Cat Cafe Vancouver opening this year

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Cat lovers, brace yourselves for the good news. Vancouver is about to get its very own cat café where you can enjoy a coffee and play with one of the Catfé’s cat hosts.

According to Metro News, Catfé’ founder and owner Michelle Furbacher hopes to have the ball rolling by this coming September.

“People will meet the cats, fall in love with them and maybe want to adopt them,” said Furbacher. Of course, spending time with animals will also reduce the stress levels and it is the perfect opportunity to play with a kitty for those who do not own pets.

The cafés are popular in Asia, particularly in Japan and Korea, and Europe and have only just begun to arrive in North America.

However, there are major hurdles to get the Catfé concept open with Canada’s stricter food and safety regulations. Speaking with the newspaper, she is also in discussion with local animal shelters on creating a business model that helps sheltered cats find permanent homes with loving families.

Besides cats, food and beverages, there will also be Wi-Fi, a small library space and event space. Cat owners will not be permitted to bring their own cats. A location for the first Vancouver Cat Cafe has not been finalized.

For more information and updates on Vancouver Catfé, follow their Facebook page.

However, there is no word on when Vancouver will get its first Dog Café. Yes, they exist too:

Featured Image: Cats in cups via Shutterstock

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  • Haythem

    hahaha a word of advice for university students. Just don’t study there. All the cats’ll be sitting on your laptop keyboards and you won’t get any work done XD

  • 2Cats

    If the cats are raw-fed, there won’t be much waste, NO smell and the cats wil be very healthy. Don’t know if Coastal Health would go for that, though. Good luck!

  • Debra Anderson

    Love it!! Cats in a Cup Cafe should be the name.

  • Vicki

    I don’t support using animals as a method to attract customers. I can see potential to abuse the poor animals. I can only hope the pets will be treated well. One thing I would support is, if the cats are adopted from the SPCA and not purchased as kittens from sellers who just want to make money but ONLY if the cats are well treated at the café.


    I will be saddened if the authority approves this business. I would highly question the well being of the animals that are used to generate an income for any business. What makes you think that animals want to be exhibited just because you want some entertainment? For those who support this business and says you love animals, shame on you!

  • Johnny Bobcat

    Anyone who has spent any quality time with animals – instead of just beating the wardrum of faux angst on their behalf – would know that animals don’t care WHY they’re being loved, they just enjoy being social. Animals have no concept of commercialism, only wannabe activists who get up every morning just to protest SOMEthing do. Animals love us and each other unconditionally, so get off your soap box and be grateful that there are places like this who actually EXIST TO PROMOTE ADOPTION – if you had bothered to read the article. These cats will be better cared for than a lot of cats who are already neglected in their “homes” or out on the street. So try taking a look at the big picture instead of being outraged any time there is a dollar amount attached to anything. For all you know she could be donating 100% of profits to animal welfare programs. And shame on YOU for your arrogant assumptions and trying to make people feel bad for doing a good thing.

  • Stacey Dougal

    You mean to say students actually study? 😛

  • Stacey Dougal

    So I guess you don’t approve of zoo’s, or wildlife sanctuaries, or anything of the sort then?

    Sure, having cats in a cafe is a gimmick but think about it. Do you think they would put themselves out there if they were going to abuse the cats? People are going to be in the cafe all the time, it would be pretty obvious if anything like that were happening and I’m sure I recall reading that any of the cats would be from shelters and up for adoption. I’d rather a cat was able to lounge around in a nice, warm cafe where it’s always going to have a nice lap to sit on than stuck in a shelter.

  • Stacey Dougal

    Agreed. Obviously they’re going to have to generate income to be able to afford the rent and running of the cafe, but to me it seems more like it’s just a regular cafe with the added bonus of cute adorable cats to be in the company of. It could be great for a lot of people. Maybe someone who loves cats is living in a house where the people are allergic so they can’t have cats of their own, maybe a student living away from home misses the comfort that a pet can bring, maybe a traveller would love to pay attention to a little moggy. With the right organisation and management I see no reason why this couldn’t be a great little idea.

    Ans as mentioned, we don’t know where the profits will go to. I imagine the people running it will use profits to pay the rent, cover running costs and wages just like any business would, the only difference being they’d be paying towards taking care of the cats. I know I’d totally go to a cafe and donate money towards an animal charity if it meant I could hang out with a bunch of cool cats while I read a book and drink tea. I imagine the owners would be in touch with animal organisations to make sure the cats are well-treated (and hey, it’d be a business so it would be pretty obvious if a cat was being mistreated!)

  • this_guy_sucks

    ur a dumbass.

  • Quentin Armbruster

    Good luck with that. May I suggest building a wall down the middle and run 2 separate businesses. That way you can keep the cat hair out of the food and beverages.

  • Rocks

    Lolokthen, poor animals. Let’s go ahead and follow Japan’s old trend and get maid cafes instead. Does that makes yous feels betturs?

  • Heather

    So many people are not allowed to have pets due to either previous tenants neglecting their animals, and creating a huge mess for landlords to clean up, allergies to other tenants, uncleanliness, etc. Many people love animals and would love to own or spend time with them. Unfortunately so many are unable for various reasons. In my opinion a cat cafe is a fantastic idea, especially if it saves the thousands of cats from being put down, due to not being able to find homes, for the reasons I listed above. So many cats are wandering the streets so why not have a space where they can be safe and warm, socialized, and possibly able to find a home out there from guests wanting to spend time with them? Animals have been known to calm people after a hard days work, help ill people with recovery, and cause laughter with their antics, why can someone not share this with other animal lovers? If the people take care of the animals, use the funds they receive towards positive things, such as food, vet care, fixing the animal and housing where the SPCA or other animal shelters are over loaded and having no other option but to put them down, I say kudos to the person wanting to help out with this cat cafe. A cover charge to help out with food and care, I think is great. In Japan they have made a huge success out of this, and the animals are carefully treated and some have even found homes. Best of luck and I hope that this takes off in Canada.