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Women of Vancouver (WofV) is a monthly editorial featuring the most stylish and professional women in Vancouver. Style by Sarai recently interviewed Hannah Bernard for this exclusive in-depth photo editorial.

What do you do for work?
I am creator, director, executive producer and host of a local production company and online distribution agency in Vancouver called Viral Media Group.

How did you get in this line of work?
After I attended UBC, I was seeking a position where I could use my creativity to innovate. I applied for an internship with Viral Network Inc. and started as an executive producer behind their video products and YouTube channel. After I was promoted to Head of Media Development, I realized that we could increase our client base if we expanded our production capabilities. And that was when I incorporated Viral Media Group; we now offer high quality video production and effective digital distribution, all under one roof.

What challenges have you faced with starting the new division in your company?
A lot, but that’s what has kept things interesting and every challenge has made us better. I think the greatest challenge for me personally has been to juggle all of my different roles. Sometimes it can be hard to go from executive producer to saleswoman in the time span of an hour, but as a start up, I think that’s normal.

For the company, brand awareness and setting ourselves apart from the great companies in Vancouver has been our greatest challenge – but we are well on our way to establishing ourselves as a frontrunner in the industry.

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Where do you see yourself in five and 10 years?
Happy and influencing change, that is all I want for myself. I want to leave an impact on the world and I want to encourage others to do so as well.

What charitable organizations do you work with?
I have volunteered with several charitable organizations around the Lower Mainland and Vancouver, but I have always wanted to play a much bigger role than donating or just being a volunteer. There are more creative ways that companies can give back to the community than just writing a cheque. So I decided to start an initiative called “Start-ups for Good.”

Over the last several months I have been connecting charitable organizations with start-up service providers that are new and need help building their portfolio; websites, videos, marketing, designers, any service that organizations would need to get their story out. This way it’s a win/win; the organizations get the help they need and the companies build their portfolio, all the while sleeping better at night knowing they’re doing good for their community.

The idea is still fresh and we have a lot to do in developing it, but I am really passionate about the possibilities it could lead to.

How did you get involved with this cause/organization?
Charity runs in my family, my mom currently runs a foundation and has always worked with multiple organizations. She has always encouraged my sisters and I to get involved as well and we’ve always listened.

Outside of work, what do you do in your spare time?
Family, family, family. My family is very important and spending time with them energizes me. I also have incredible friendships and I love going out and enjoying Vancouver with them. Besides that you will most likely find me on some sort of outdoor adventure, at a sporting event, running the seawall, writing music, playing guitar or creating delicious raw/vegan recipes.

Are you vegan?
I’m not vegan but I eat vegan on a regular basis. Over the last two years I have become absolutely obsessed with care of health. Perhaps my obsession was due to the fact that my mom runs a preventative health care foundation or that my sister/roommate is a holistic nutritionist. Either way, I am extremely passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your body through the way you eat.

The Parlour | 1011 Hamilton Street, Vancouver

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What does a typical weekend look like for you?
If I stay in Vancouver and don’t go to the valley to see how much my nephew has changed in a week, you’d find me doing intramural sports, on a hike or outdoor activity, in a yoga class, jogging to do my errands or out on social outings. This is all, of course, when I’m not on set or at meetings. I also love to travel whenever I can.

When you go out, where do you like to start?
My girlfriends and I love dinner parties, and we all take turns hosting them. I love starting an evening out with great food, great people and great conversation, oh and wine of course.

What do you like about The Parlour?
I recently discovered The Parlour and I absolutely love it, the food is phenomenal and the ambiance, people and music make it a good time, every time!

Which Pizza do you recommend everyone to try when they’re at The Parlour?
Big Prawn!! Gluten free of course!

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What’s your drink of choice?
When I’m feeling rebellious you’ll find a dark beer in my hand, but most of the time a Sauvignon Blanc is my go-to.

Nuba | Gastown, Kitsilano, Mount Pleasant, Yaletown

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What do you like about Nuba?
THE FOOD. I couldn’t have created better menu items to fit my diet. When I started to really care about what I was putting in my body, I started researching restaurants that were friendly with my lifestyle. I was getting tired of bringing friends that would get disappointed with the menu. That’s why Nuba was such a great find because friends could find something they liked while I was able to order something that I knew was good for me.

What do you recommend everyone to try when they’re at Nuba?
Najib’s Special!! Culinary genius.

How do you think people would describe your style?
I think people would have a hard time defining my style, to be honest. What makes my style unique is the many looks that I have. If someone looked in my closet I think the only description they’d come out with would be Parisian with a twist of boho chic, because some days I’ll wear something very Parisian and classy, and the next day I look straight out of the 70s with a boho-chic flair and then sometimes I’ll mix the items together!

One thing people would definitely say is that style is important to me, because whether I am wearing sweat pants to run across the street or going out for a meeting, I always add something to pull the outfit together.

What does style mean to you?
Style, for me, is an expression of my personality and I think that is why I do have such a wide range of items in my closet. When I’m at work, I like to dress the part. I live by look good, feel good; dressed in a powerful work dress with great heels and I can walk into any board meeting and feel in control. But catch me after work and you could find me in a pair of boyfriend jeans with a knit sweater, having a beer and watching the game.  My personality comes out through my style and that’s why style is important to me.



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Women of Vancouver is a monthly editorial featuring the most stylish and professional women in Vancouver. WofV is currently being released exclusively on Vancity Buzz.

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    Way to go Hannah! Whoop!

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    what a babe!!!!

  • victoria_potter

    Not to sound like one of those griping feminists, but it would be nice if these photos weren’t trying to make a professional look like a pin-up (yes, I’m especially talking about the gratuitous butt-in-red-pants shot).

  • jp

    Nothing wrong with griping feminists. I totally agree.

  • Just saying

    Agreed. Is this an article about who she is and what she accomplished or a sensual photo shoot?!

  • no1d

    The woman works in marketing. This sort of look in the article goes all the way up the broadcast news tree to your daily news and it is definitely in all of the marketing/pr/digital content production worlds. It is up to people to think critically and look at achievements over looks, but in those specific industries you have to dress to impress or you go no where. Who knows, maybe she’s a female Don Draper and she has crying male interns in her office lol. Eitherway, I’d be her trophy husband in a second and I wouldn’t doubt a woman who has built a lucrative business, just because she looks good, she is obviously smart as well.

  • makeesha

    Agreed! I think it’s great to show a woman’s sensuality (or man’s) along with her professionalism but some of these shots are intentionally gratuitous and that’s a shame. I have a strong feeling if she was 50 pounds heavier they wouldn’t have the “glance backward over my ass” shot.

  • Flora

    These are tasteful, flattering photos of a successful, confident young woman. Great work! While I understand that women tend to be overly sexualized in the media in general, how about we stop scrutinizing every little way any woman (tall, short, skinny, full bodied) chooses to pose and dress?

  • Logic

    The original Women of Vancouver feature was nothing more than babes in bikinis. Clearly an effort has been made to showcase women in a different light. Yet it seems that no progress can be made unless we rid ourselves from any visual suggestion that a woman can be sensual. Yes, that last image is a bit sexy, but does that have to be shameful? This is not Business Week. If you think THIS is overly sensual perhaps you don’t go out much.

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    I was thinking the photos looked almost Maxim-ish… what does she do again?

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    Her legs spread wide open on the table is perhaps a viral marketing strategy on her part. lol

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    This girl is very very pretty, and she presents very well on her youtube videos. But I’m not really sure what makes her news worthy here, her videos don’t get more than 400 views on average which are probably a few of her friends watching. There are 1000s of people on youtube doing the same.

    This article seems like her friends (writer, photographer, sylist) are plugging her and just getting her some publicity?

    Am I missing something here?

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    What a stunner! Holy crap! I think my computer is over heating…

  • Your welcome

    Multi talented Hannah’s awesome music video:

  • victoria_potter

    All I’m saying is there is a clear distinction in the women chosen to be featured on here. I’m all for looking at beautiful people, but it seems like this feature is still a glorified meat rack.

  • victoria_potter

    With you there

  • a friend

    I understand what you’re saying, but Hannah is also a professional model. Knowing that it doesn’t seem too bad that they took her photoshoot in this way.

  • guest

    I don’t think the article says, but she’s only 22 years old. How many 22 year olds do you know are this accomplished?! Personally, everyone I know is either finishing up their undergraduate degrees or struggling to hold onto jobs that aren’t related to their degree and that they don’t like, let alone have a job as a director and executive producer of a company!

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  • Huberthumperdink

    The most caring, compassionate, beautiful (inside and out), down to earth, kick ASS human I know! Hannah you are an inspiration to everyone. Everyone who has a problem on here with the photos are obviously just jealous of her success and her beauty. If you have beauty, flaunt it. Use your tools. If someone was a genius, but weren’t much of a looker, they wouldn’t be criticized for flaunting their smarts. Aesthetics and sexuality are an important part of life, whether you want to admit it or not. They aren’t everything in life but they are a part of it. If you don’t like it or if it offends you in some way, press the red circular button on the top left corner of your computer screen (assuming you’re using a Mac). If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. It’s your own problem that you’re a negative Nancy, and the people who see the positive in all situations (like Hannah does), are the people in life that are going to succeed. K bye!

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