Hilarious Kingsgate Mall satirical Twitter account becomes big hit

By Vancity Buzz Staff | 11:38 am PST, Mon January 13, 2014 | Speak Up

The run-down Kingsgate Mall at the intersection of Kingsway and East Broadway is getting some free publicity thanks to a satirical Twitter account that has gained popularity.

The Twitter account @KingsgateMall pokes fun at the 30+ store mini-shopping centre while also honouring its 30+ year presence in the neighbourhood.

The mall owners aren’t complaining as they currently do not have any social media presence, and they happen to have a good sense of humour with the tweets – they think it’s funny. Not to mention that any publicity is good publicity for a shopping centre like Kingsgate Mall and its outdated retailers and facilities.

Friends and students Michelle Hanley and Asha Wozny created the account and started tweeting just before the Christmas holidays. In less than a month, and with 121 tweets to date, the account already has more than 3,200 followers – more than three times as many as downtown Vancouver’s Pacific Centre.

See some of our favourite tweets made by the duo:


























Speak Up

  • joyce theresa power

    I’ve lived and/ or worked in this area for years now and personally I think it will be a loss to the community as a whole when they ” / ” take this last bit of pleasant out of mount pleasant. Sure it’s not an affluent market that it caters to, poor working stiffs (like me), people barely getting by on welfare (like me before) or on disabllity pensions,(cancelled), you’ve seen them too. These people who need a place to get a good deal, on their groceries, Buy Low provides, good produce, their deli is top rate,and fresh bread for less than an arm and a leg and regular sales on basics, that with a little planning can keep you well stocked, Arlene’s, you want to talk about socks, what have you for shoes, payless..taxes.but you still need money for even that. As often as not, they can’t afford what it is they work to produce, i.e. Race Face,, Van Den Bosh, dare I say it Best Western, a room at the in. We’re obviously on the out now then,.bonne chance

  • Long Term Resident

    This twitter account has that “Look-at-those-poor-people-and-the-funny-things-they-do” feel while at the same time trying to take advantage of it’s “hip cred.” F_)kin yuppie douchebags…

  • @kingsgatemall


  • MickFlip

    Long Term Resident you are a dumb ass slag. There is absolutely nothing yuppie about her or this twitter account. Go get a shag you bitter mong.

  • fkfkfkfk


  • Weedzilla

    Oh dear sister, you bring such great pride to our family…

  • Sam Martorana

    I recommend you follow @DenmanMall on Twitter as well.

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