John Tortorella Craigslist job search posting

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After being suspended without pay for a couple weeks, it seems like John Tortorella is job hunting! This gem was posted on Craigslist on Tuesday. 

The post, which is now flagged for removal, said:

Need a Job for the next 14 days (downtown vancouver)


I am currently employed, but have a small 2 week mandated “vacation”. I have worked all over North America including Tampa Bay and New York, as well as a brief trial run in Television

I am looking to try all the great jobs Vancouver has to offer: Ferry Captain, Weed Dealer, Lumberjack, Lululemon Model, you name it I will try it (Please no media jobs).

I love dogs, hockey and screaming at idiots. I can babysit, as I often have to deal with my crybaby players.

Thank you for your consideration.


tortorella craigslist

Is there anyone hiring out there?


Image: Jeff Vinnick / NHLI via Getty Images

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