David Booth Hunts to Serves up Free Meal in Vancouver Downtown Eastside


More than 1,000 people from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES) were served a free meal last night by Vancouver Canucks player David Booth, restaurateur Mark Brand and others. 

Unlike most meals served up in the DTES, this one served the finest in organic moose hot dogs, venison stew and duck chili. The event was put on by Booth, Hunting for Humanity Organizer and a Vancouver Canuck.

The food served was hunted by David Booth and others hunters in B.C. In total 600 pounds of wild game meat was hunted and served to hungry residents.

According to a Global BC report, the hunters spent a year gathering meat for this dinner.

With the recent organic food movement customers are weary of store bought, hormone laced meats.

Image: Free Meal / Shutterstock

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