WestJet surprises plane loads of passengers with Christmas wish list gifts (VIDEO)

WestJet Christmas Miracle 2013

WestJet and Santa teamed up to delight two plane loads of unsuspecting travellers with a real-time holiday surprise.

The WestJet Holiday Miracle 2013

While passengers at Toronto and Hamilton International Airports were waiting to board their flight to Calgary, a virtual Santa Claus learned what passengers wanted for Christmas. After everyone boarded their flights, 150 merry WestJetters became Santa’s helpers, taking off to a shopping spree to deliver personalized gifts to guests arriving in Calgary as part of a true holiday miracle.

Nineteen hidden cameras captured guests at Toronto and Hamilton International Airports confiding their Christmas wishes with a virtual Santa Claus while waiting to board flights to Calgary.

Guests were surprised upon arrival when a festively decorated baggage carousel came to life. On this special day, it was not just their suitcases that arrived, but the gifts they had asked for merely hours before.

Gifts included toys, Samsung Galaxy smartphones, scarves, flights home for the holidays, socks and underwear, a snowboard, an Android tablet, cameras, LCD televisions and much more.

Last year, WestJet’s inaugural holiday video reached nearly 500,000 views in just weeks. Once the video reached the milestone of 25,000 views, the airline donated flights to a family in need through WestJet’s community investment program.

This year, WestJet Cares for Kids will continue this tradition by donating flights through Ronald McDonald House Charities once the video reaches 200,000 views.

WestJet Christmas Miracle: Santa’s Bloopers

WestJet Christmas Miracle: Why?

Featured Image: WestJet

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    Go WestJet!

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  • Stephanie Johnson

    Awesome! Thanks Kenneth! :)

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    Uncomfortable seats but good ads!

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    That is the Christmas spirit …I love WestJet for everything they do..
    This brought tears to my eyes…

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    CRYING!!! haha

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    I love Kenneth’s posts ~

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    Love this! Good job West Jet. Now this is the way to advertise

  • Lance Robinson

    Love it…more big corporations should follow suit. Sadly the only thing most share holders care about is their pockets. The kindness of WestJets owners alone is why I will for ever fly with them. God bless and merry Xmas to every single WestJet employee.

  • Jordan

    Go Hamilton!!!!

  • TK

    Great Great emotional campaign. Westjest wins my loving. Thank you.

  • Heather

    The surprise on all the faces is just priceless, very very heartwarming and for some it made their entire Christmas you could tell.

  • Joan Fraser

    This brought tears to my years to see the expressions on the passengers faces before and after the gifts that WestJet gave to the passengers. The WestJet people are the nicest and friendliest people I have ever met. i have flown Vancouver Island to Toronto and to Ottawa, several times and was treated like a person not a piece of luggage. Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas to you WestJet!

  • jacqui romorosa

    This got me teary-eyed!

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    Way to go west jet you had me crying cootos to west jet what an awesome airline and staff and company

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    hahahaha…how about give me 2hrs while i waited for a delayed flight?

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    Wow I am so happy for everyone that’s amazing

  • Mike

    This is the best video of the season, Congrats West Jet on being an upstanding and unselfish company. If You were in my area i would use you airline just because of this.

  • jenn

    WOW! Amazing! Way to go WestJet! Nice to see people with a heart and giving to others. :)

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    Woah.. simply amazing.. but i can’t help wondered.. what if i say I want a Bungalow by this year.. will they give? hahahaha! JKJK

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    WestJet is the BEST!

  • Glenda Benoit

    Only west Jet would do something this AWESOME!!!!!. This brought tears to my eyes. We love the West Jet have never had a bad experience with them , unlike Air Canada. West Jet employees are always there to help in any way possible, and they always bring a smile to my face and they make you feel welcomed. MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all at West Jet. I look forward to flying with you and only you in the future

  • kodo

    Awesome! Wish you were in my area! The kindness that WestJet showed there passengers should rub off on a few other carriers! Blessings to all! Merry Christmas!

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    That was awesome! Good job WestJet.

  • Mary-Jo Werner

    proud to be Canadian Moment !!!!! amazing

  • Kathy {Ferguson} Kirker

    Watching the children and parents faces when Santa said their names was such a good feeling,it was so real and beautiful, and to hear at the end of everything MERRY CHRISTMAS {not happy holidays} surprised me so much that, that was the greatest Christmas gift I could have ever receive. To think that WestJet touched everyone’s heart watching without even being there. Thanks to all!!!!! Kathy {Ferguson} Kirker

  • Leslie Watson-Kowalsky

    So amazing. I loved it so much I was crying. Way to go West Jet. Xo

  • Sparks13

    People already well off enough to be flying needed free gifts? Really? I wonder how many meals the money they spent could have bought for the hungry?

  • mac

    Maybe a good guesture though people make a mountain out of a mole hill. What about the many other companies that give.

  • LollyPop

    I cryed!!!!! Love it x

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    Merry Christmas what a wonderful thing to do God bless each and every West Jet employee :)