Vancouver man gives rug away on Craigslist in exchange for haiku

By Farhan Mohamed | 4 months ago | Speak Up

This just might be one of the best Craigslist freebies. Vancouver’s Sean Hallaren had a “boring old gray IKEA rug” he needed to get rid of. Rather than throwing it away, he posted it on Craiglist’s free section at 1:30 a.m. on Thursday.

ikea rug haiku sean hallaren

“Ikea rug for free. In good shape, no fraying. Has been rolled up in storage for about a year, so it will need some time to unroll and flatten. Please email to arrange pickup near Brentwood mall.”

When he woke up that morning, he had 36 emails sitting in his inbox inquiring about the free rug.

He waited to see how many more emails would come in.

After receiving 50 emails, he wondered how to choose who to give the rug to, and came up with this brilliant idea:

The task sounded simple, but would people do it? Absolutely. By 10 a.m. he had received three submissions.

Some were not happy with his method of choosing a winner, but by the end of it, Hallaren had nearly 20 haiku submissions from the 70 email inquirers. Here are some of them (including some multi-stanza ones):

  • Your carpet is nice / I want it so bad for me / Please give it to me
  • That is a nice rug / It’s so meant for me / Delete the others and send to me
  • A rug, what a rug / So much demand for this rug / To me it must come
  • Who knew a novel idea / For me to get a new rug / I thought it was free
  • This is something new / A haiku to win a prize / Will give it a try
    Love compositions / For an outstanding freebie / Great rug to envy
    Excellent pattern / With the playstation icons / In stunning grey green
    Instead of landfill / This rug will get recycled / To save our planet
  • A competition? / It’s just a free f—ing rug / i would still like it
  • From Sweden I came / IKEA is my maker / You are my keeper
    He bought me unused / No use did he have for me / Used I now am – Free
  • Lonely floor needs warmth / Desires friend for company / Play laugh bond the two
  • Squeaky hardwood floors / Teenage son, that says it all / Downstairs neighbour

The winning submission:

Draped upon the floor / Confident yet walked all over / New home for Christmas


Read more of the Free Rug Haikus.

Have you ever done anything crazy to get something for free? Let us know in the comments below!

Speak Up

  • incendiary

    slow news day?

  • preston

    hahahaha this is awesome and so creative
    well done

  • humbug

    scrooge, is that you?

  • colette

    english teacher alert. the winner had EIGHT syllables in the second line. he/she only gets half the rug.

  • Rave

    Aren’t haikus usually written 5/7/5? The winner’s is 5/8/5.

  • Maverick

    Haha Sean….

  • incendiary

    lol well said. I guess I’ll be scrooge for now

  • Snowday

    Really? I prefer the “From Sweden I came” haiku

  • Jennifer

    I wish I had seen/ A loving home I would give/an unwanted rug.

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