Milan Lucic fight video Vancouver nightclub Dec 14, 2013


Milan Lucic was involved in an altercation outside a Vancouver nightclub on Dec 14, 2013, the night of the Canucks vs Bruins game. We have acquired video of the end of the fight and arguments with police presence.

Bruins player and East Van native, Lucic, claims he was hit “three times” and did not start the altercation. There also seems to be a witness who is defending Lucic’s position on the matter.

The Lucic fight video, which Vancity Buzz has acquired from an anonymous source, was originally posted by Nick N. on Youtube.

Watch the full video below (Warning: foul language)

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  • Jeff MacLeod

    I dislike fans like this. The guys job is to play hockey.

  • btownboi

    you don’t no what happened so don’t assume things buddy, so what if the guy plays hockey, everyone is human and if you start a problem with someone it dosent matter if your famous or not you deserve to get punched out

  • Marty

    who in their right mind would start a fight with Looch?

  • Trever Gladson the God

    I would have beaten both these fools up.


  • champlainheightswhat

    Lol. Thatta boy lucic. East van what

  • Witnessed the fight

    He actually was simply getting a poutine and another customer ( obviously baited him) and sucker punched him. You can actually see the owner of Mean Poutine trying to break up the fight and Milan telling the cops how he is his buddy and to ask him because he witnessed the whole thing. If you ask me, he showed a lot of restraint not hitting back and it’s a shame that the news is spreading this around like it was a bar fight. Poor guy just wanted a bite to eat before going back to his hotel.

  • anon

    Another embarrassment for the city. Kudos to Milan for not escalating things.

  • Pavlo

    it was fight??

  • Jwo Lu

    Little dog syndrome is what I’m thinking.

  • Dylen Durret

    Granville street is a shit hole full of bridge and tunnel

  • Chris

    Someone with a death wish. Cocky canucks fan who’s used to fighting on NHL 14′ on his PS3

    In a Vancouver Sun article, he says this incident caused him to “no longer support the people and city of Vancouver”….. I dont blame him

  • nuckshot

    The guys a dirty goon in our national sport who thinks he deserves the class act joe sakic treatment, when history puts him on the other end of the spectrum with fans. Obviously theres a lack of intelligence if he thinks he can stroll around on the biggest club crawl in town and not be bothered. Common sense says there will always be some idiot willing to take a swing and hope for a lawsuit. Hope turn into a fat slob like marchand u MEAT HEAD!

  • nuckshot

    i do… obviously the city doesnt support his grimy style of play either so heres to mutuality