The Real Map of Vancouver

Real Vancouver Map

Remember the hilarious “real maps of Vancouver” that surfaced a couple years ago? There is now a new map that depicts Vancouver as more than just totem poles and shiny glass condo towers. This is indeed correct and this map outlines it bluntly.

Real Vancouver Map

The reality is that Vancouver, like most cities, is ever evolving. As the city continues to become more expensive, a new trend has emerged: reverse “white flight.”

Like many North American cities over the last few decades of the 20th century, Vancouver saw much of its middle class white population flee to the suburbs. White flight is responsible for the ethnic diversity witnessed in East Vancouver.

Now that the suburban dream has been more or less revealed as a fraud, urban centres like Vancouver are reaping the benefits by attracting the bright, affluent and creative types from all over the metro region and abroad. A reverse white flight, if you will.

It is already seen in Chinatown and now Little Manila a.k.a. Pinoytown, Little Saigon, Little India and the southern portion of Fraser Street are seeing a similar trend.

All this has made for an interesting time in our city and it is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

According to the folks at Urbane, the creative geniuses behind the map:

Somehow students and naked hippies lead to Rolls-Royces, then to one of the most enormous and influential immigrant populations…anywhere. Pinoy Town, Little Saigon, China Meets Punjabi Market…you name it. Vancouver’s most renowned restaurants are…a small sushi bar and an Indian restaurant, both south of downtown.

Indeed, Vancouver loves its hockey, gardens, and mountains. The city has no shortage of flashy and not-flashy nightlife. Vancouver is in theory “Rain City,” though it actually receives less rain per year than New York.

What this map best shows per our team’s research and discussions with locals is what I’d find to be a fitting thesis on Vancouver 2013: Diverse Ethnicities Living on Royally-Named Streets

Source: Map Urbane

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  • Josh Hall

    Totem Pole Park? Really? Ugh

  • guest

    it’s like they were trying to be cute and funny at the same time but just ended up looking stupid..

  • shanegibson

    They forgot Commercial Drive. Totem Pole park WTF? #FAIL Really Vancity Buzz Kill.

  • Garry Spee

    they didn’t include no one can afford to live here without a couple of 6 digit incomes and 40 year mtg

  • Francis L

    Fraser St should really be Knight St. Fraser stops on Broadway.


    Except, you know, the 600,000+ people who currently live in the City of Vancouver.

  • Ryan Day

    Typically trying to ignore the existence of the DTES an those who live there. Just because it isnt on a map doesnt mean it isnt there.

  • doesn’t matter

    I make around 1500 a month and can afford to live here. Its expensive don’t get me wrong, but it’s not out of reach for those that chose quality of life over big houses and yards

  • spark

    This map isn’t funny at all, it’s offensive and inaccurate.


    that sucks

  • HelloCDN

    I am offensive and I find this a map.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  • djt

    Quality of life over big houses and yards…Funny were I grew up I had a big yard and a great quality of life….

    Maybe because I was an hour away from Vancouver!

  • tony

    I hate everyone in this comments section.

  • thismapisterrible

    No Cambie St. bridge?

  • Irene Wei Lo

    “all sorts of houses, all kinds of shapes” –

    well this was highly informative, and well-written

  • citycitizen

    #GetOverIt everyone, really. As someone from a diverse background who grew up in the greater Vancouver area, I think its hilarious and not far from the truth.

  • Гарет Вествуд

    604 Logic: “White flight is responsible for the ethnic diversity witnessed in East Vancouver.” No, decades of liberal immigration policies are responsible for East Van.

  • Гарет Вествуд

    It’s mutual, bro.

  • Гарет Вествуд

    quality of life over big houses and yards = paying big money to a developer to live in 250 sq ft so he can live in a big house with a yard.

  • Гарет Вествуд

    What pray tell is a “diverse background”? And can you also tell me what is a non-diverse background?

  • pointless

    This would be witty and funny if it were actually witty and funny.

  • Matthew

    Fraser doesn’t stop at Broadway l.. continues on north for a few blocks (although blocked by a park at one point)

  • Valley voice

    If you find things like this “offensive” then clearly, its time to grow a backbone, dick or thick skin. Pick which one and stop your whining

  • ben

    im guessing you rent tho, its almost impossible to own a home in vancouver unless you are a millionaire

  • Brian

    Hey buddy, we are all immigrants, except for Natives (who are really, really old immigrants), and without way more immigrants our Social Safety Net will fail because of demographics, and one-child families. Just say’n. Everyone on Earth is in the same boat, no? Don’t you love beautiful women; no matter…?

  • Brian

    And try to keep in mind that “Borders” are imaginary lines. Is an immigrant tweetie-bird a Liberal. People should demand more respect than a bird of fish, and not be subject to questioning at imaginary lines.

  • Iain Marjoribanks

    You guys totally erased both the DTES and the Musqueam First Nation from the map. I suppose you only care about other cultures when they’re selling you Dim Sum?

  • triplesevenprior

    That’s not Fraser St.

  • beautifulmitogen

    so apparantly only white people are are creative and bright

  • BMWMang

    I don’t really know why people even waste time with this crappy site which steals stories and post them or comes up with idiotic posts like this one. The founder of this site needs to go back to his day job which was living in the hood and jerking off to aunty porn.

  • cory

    fraser street is actually knight street