No Holding Hands, Tag and more at Aldergrove School


An Aldergrove school has banned physical play in their two kindergarten classes after some minor injuries took place during recess. Play fighting, hand-holding and tag are just some of the activities on the banned list. So basically no fun.

Parents at Coghlan Fundamental Elementary School, in Aldergrove,  were sent a letter last week informing them of the ban.

Ken Hoff, with the school district, spoke with News 1130:

“A little bit of rambunctious play that resulted in a few incidents where there was some children getting hurt. There was some concern raised by parents of children that had experienced very minor injuries but their kids were upset.”

“It was never meant to be more than informing the parents that were concerned that the school was addressing the situation and was taking steps to protect the children,” says Hoff.

A number of parents were not to happy with the decision.


Image: Jamie Duplass / Shutterstock

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