Kanye West's Vancouver show cancelled, will not be rescheduled

kanye west

Local fans still hoping to see Kanye West’s Yeezus tour stop at Rogers Arena are sure to be disappointed as the Vancouver date has been cancelled and will not be rescheduled.

The tour will start up again on November 16 after a lengthy delay that resulted after his stage equipment was damaged in an car accident prior to Halloween.

Chicago, Toronto and Detroit have been rescheduled for late December. However, due to “routing logistics,” Vancouver, Denver, Columbus, Montreal, Minneapolis and St. Louis have been canceled.

West’s Vancouver concert was first scheduled for October 20 but was rescheduled just hours before it was set to start. Logistical issues following border crossing delays were said to be the blame. The concert was originally rescheduled for October 31 but was postponed again with merely a few hours notice.


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  • UpsetYeezyFan


  • Kanyeblows

    Kanye blows. Kendrick needs his own tour without this goof.

  • Francois Marchand

    If you’re gonna straight up copy stuff from other blogs, you might wanna fix their typos to make it less obvious. Just sayin’. (“However, due to “routing logicstics,” dates scheduled for Vancouver, Denver, Columbus, OH, Montreal, Minneapolis, and St. Louis have been canceled all together.” Source: http://consequenceofsound.net/2013/11/kanye-wests-yeezus-resumes-november-16th-several-dates-rescheduled-or-canceled/)

  • Josh Hall

    You’re telling me it’s not spelled ‘logicstics?’ 😉

  • 604sAndHeartbreaks

    I love you Kanye, but fuck you.

  • Beau Bennett

    Good call mate, I’m in journalism school. This is pretty illegal and deplorable.

  • Jas

    I just wanna see Kendrick

  • Gary

    Fuck Kanye let’s see Kendrick. Commodore Ballroom and Kendrick would be heaven.

  • Wolfganganzen

    Kanye has more important things to take care of than to deal with his fans in Vancouver. What a class act!

  • NorthWest

    you mean the link to the Yeezus tour page wasn’t enough?

  • Kanye

    Kanye sucks. Terrible lyricist and total sell out.

  • Steve

    FYI, every blog out there copied it from the Yeezus announcement page. Idiot.

  • the truth

    such a joke go walk into a mother stop sign

  • Francois Marchand

    That wasn’t copied from the Yeezus page. That was obviously copied from the CoS blog page. The “OH” after Columbus gave it away, as did the “logicstics” typo. They’re both fixed now, so no harm no foul, right?

  • Bob Dobalina

    Sort of figured this would happen. The original concert was far from being sold out, so he decided it wasn’t worth the money to get past customs.

  • Mojo

    Fuck kanye… Kendrick should come on his own to do a show here in Vancouver he was the reason why I bought A ticket in the first place

  • kanye you suck

    What a Dick!!