How To Make Ricotta At Home


Last weekend, I attended a Cheese Making Workshop at Whistler’s Cornucopia, held by The Cheese Making Workshop. I was truly amazed that I learned how to make ricotta in a one hour period. Would I do it again at home? Absolutely! Ricotta is so easy to make and it will surely impress your guests. It would be great in a spinach and ricotta gnocchi, or in your favourite cheesecake recipe. The best part is, it’s easy!



How To Make Ricotta At Home

– Heat up two litres of any animal milk to 90°C

– Make sure the milk is forming little bubbles

– Add 100ml of white vinegar (50ml/1L of milk)

– Stir the pot twice quickly

– Turn the power off and leave the pot for 15 minutes

– When a “raft” forms on the top of the pot, it is ready

– Gently scoop up the “raft” with a slotted spoon and transfer to a ricotta basket

It’s ready to eat!

For a fun thing to do at your next party, hire The Cheesemaking Workshop Canada. You’ll learn a lot and it’s surprising how easy it can be!


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