Chip Wilson claims some women can't wear Lululemon pants

Chip Wilson Wife Death Stare

Are lululemon pants too sheer (a.k.a. see through) or is the real issue that women are trying to squeeze into the butt transforming pants that are simply too small for them?

“Frankly, some women’s bodies just don’t actually work for it,” said Chip Wilson, co-founder of lululemon, during an live interview on Bloomberg TV’s Street Smart. “They don’t work for some women’s bodies… it’s really about the rubbing through the thighs, how much pressure is there over a period of time, how much they use it.”

He argues that the quality of lululemon’s gear is not the issue at hand. His wife Shannon didn’t seem too pleased with her husband’s explanation and quickly interjected by adding that some women might be “sitting on a cement ground” which could result in the perceived piling issues.

Chip has been adamant that plus sized women are attempting to fit into pants a few sizes too small which causes the fabric to unintentionally stretch.

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  • lala

    well said!

  • lau

    I don’t know if you are serious but there are people dealing with obesity problems because of genetics.And it’s not THAT easy to lose weight. I lost 40 pounds in a year, and it was really hard. I’m now 120 and I’m not complaining about fat people. How can you be that stupid and mean to people ? I don’t even understand if you’re joking or not ..

  • Pepper

    Gaz seems to think that fat people eat too much…that is not the issue at hand – if you don’t eat enough you can get fat simply because your body stores it instead of burring it, ALSO there is the issue of thyroid, diabetes, and several other possible contributing factors as to why people get larger than they wish to be….people are not fat…they have fat…fat doesn’t always happen due to over eating — as far as woman wearing clothing too small for them that’s just a mental issue, they want to believe that they are truly a size they are not, their mind says they are a 6 when they are a 10 – self acceptance – self respect, and loving who you are no matter what size you are is where it starts and companies that create clothing for what they consider to be for the beautiful people will only cut their own throats – plus size clothing for working out is what companies should look into considering the plus size people also wok out and want to look and feel great doing it, they are not interested in looking like BARBIE who is only in the gym for one thing…FIND her KEN doll…..and before you attack me and say i must be some fat bitch….I am not but i have been a fitness trainer since 96 and i have seen the IGNORANCE of people just like Gaz