BC Child Poverty Rate once again worst in Canada


BC’s child poverty rate is once again the worst in Canada. This news shouldn’t come as a surprise since our province has had a horrible track record with respect to child poverty in recent years.  

According to the the 2011 Statistics Canada data, one in five children in BC is living in poverty (over 150,000 kids). Half of which live in Metro Vancouver.

The latest figures from Statistics Canada (2011) when it comes to major measures of child poverty:

  • BC had a child poverty rate of 18.6 percent – the worst rate of any province in Canada, using the before-tax low income cut-offs of Statistics Canada as the measure of poverty.
  • BC had the worst poverty rate of any province for children living in single mother families – 49.8 percent.
  • BC also had the worst poverty rate of any province for children living in two-parent families – 14 percent.
  • BC’s poverty rate for children under 6 years at 20.7 percent is 8 percentage points higher than the Canadian average.
  • British Columbia also had the most unequal distribution of income among rich and poor families with children. The ratio of the average incomes of the richest ten percent compared to the poorest ten percent was 12. 6 – the worst of any province.

Source: Worst in Canada

Image: fasphotographic/shutterstock

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