Spotted: Owen Wilson rides his bike around Vancouver

Owen Wilson Vancouver

If you thought you saw Owen Wilson riding his bike past you in the last couple months, chances are you did.

Owen is known to come up to Vancouver regularly to get away from the Los Angeles scene. This time around, he was in town for a business meeting, which we speculate to be in regards to his role in Night at the Museum 3, due to begin filming in Vancouver in February.

Owen came out of his meeting and attempted to hide from the cameras behind a tree before speeding off.

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owen wilson vancouver

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  • vvvvaaa

    no close up of his crotch?
    who gives a fuk.

  • People

    Maybe try leaving the guy alone??

  • craxka

    hes a looser anyways ;)

  • Guest

    biking without a helmet, does is he on sui

  • drea

    Don’t take his picture so that he keeps coming back!

  • Jimmy

    looser comparative of loose (Adjective)
    Not firmly or tightly fixed in place; detached or able to be detached: “a loose tooth”.

    …not sure I get it

  • roy marvelous ϟ

    I like this guy. I don’t like wearing my bike helmet either :)

  • Caley

    I agree with People – it’s kind of sad that this artcile states he comes to Vancouver to get away, and the poor guy has to hide from cameras while here…

  • Rodney Smyth

    I saw him out at Gorgomish railed the fuck out

  • Intermarital text

    Bush league Vancity B. I like his films, but this isn’t news. There are numerous celebs here at any given time -big yawnage from this story! zzzzz

  • Guest

    whats up with his shoes? to busy to put them all the way on or is this the new in…

  • Detroit

    It’s the new in. My friend also does that.

  • I’mASlob


  • Dal