Photos: Injured sea otter at the Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver Aquarium Sea Otter

Last week, the Vancouver Aquarium’s Marine Mammal Science Centre received an sea otter that had been severely injured by multiple shotgun wounds.

The sea otter, named Wally, is seeing some improvements to his health after the veterinary team at the Aquarium began to care for him around the clock. However, according to staff, “he is by no means out of the woods yet.”

Shotgun wounds were found across his body, including on the flipper and on the head which has left at least one of his eyes permanently blind. The animal was rescued from Tofino, but it is not known who exactly may have been responsible.

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Images: Vancouver Aquarium

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  • Why?

    Why must humans be so heartless and stupid? To what is the purpose of shooting and beating these poor defenseless animals that just try and go about living their daily lives. Its ignorant and simple-minded people who do shit like this that is making me loose complete faith in this world. People need to stop living with their own sick, twisted selfish needs and start doing something smart for a change.
    Hope this cute little fellow has a second chance in life.

  • Steve

    There are millions of chickens and cows getting brutally slaughtered every year to feed the worlds population. Seal pups get butchered up north for their meat, and beavers are hunted for their pelts and are considered a pest because they create dams that block water flow. Heck people stomp on insects without even thinking about. Yet when an animal deemed as “cute” gets wounded, all of a sudden there is a big out-cry of bleeding hearts. I’m against cruelty towards animals, but were you born yesterday?

  • kj

    We can agree that other animals are slaughtered for sustenance but in this little guy’s case, it was a reckless act of unnecessary harm to the animal. Why inflict multiple wounds and leave the animal to die with no legitimate reason for doing what was done to it?

  • Kuelan Chiche

    And Who on earth owns a shotgun and shoots anything alive and can pretend to be a hunter? There is a massive difference between hunting for sustenance a,d/or population control, and wounding/killing defenseless animals that are not a threat to the environment. The person who did that is an absolute douche bag.