Kanye West Vancouver concert cancelled, rescheduled for October 31

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Sources have confirmed that tonight’s Kanye West Vancouver concert has been cancelled after not being able to cross the border in time after Saturday night’s tour start in Seattle. The stage crew arrived late to Rogers Arena on Sunday and did not have enough time to setup.

The show has been rescheduled for October 31.

Kanye’s website has also confirmed the rescheduling:

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Statement from Canucks Sports & Entertainment:

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Canucks Sports & Entertainment has been advised that the October 20th Kanye West show with Kendrick Lamar at Rogers Arena will be postponed.

The concert has been rescheduled for October 31st.

Fans are asked to retain their tickets from the initially scheduled show, as they will be honoured for the rescheduled date of October 31st.


The concert wasn’t sold out, so fans can still get tickets for the rescheduled show.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=715270942 Matthew Manuel

    official: Tonight’s @KanyeWest show has been postponed to October 31st. #YeezusTour

  • Chicago Ted

    The best news I’ve heard all week. An unpopular and classless ‘musician’ is too incompetent to follow a schedule.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=715270942 Matthew Manuel
  • mick
  • Shayne

    I feel bad for you if this is the best news you get all week.

  • Shawn Petraschuk

    Uhhh according to the information I saw it was cancelled due to one of his equipment trucks being stolen in Seattle, not scheduling.

  • lilc09

    Pretty sure that it got stolen before the show in Seattle yesterday which caused a 2.5 hour delay there…that article isn’t correct.


  • C

    Not a musician??? I think you’re mistaken. After 6 very successful albums, I wouldn’t say he’s unpopular… Whether you like him or not, he’s done incredible work. And just because he speaks his mind, it doesn’t make him classless. An asshole perhaps.

  • Tracy Ban
  • Shawn Petraschuk

    Which lead to the Seattle show starting late… yeah I saw. Still, not his fault.

  • Shawn

    Stfu you Donno shit classless nd unpopular wtf have you done in your life that’s right nothin he’s been successful from the start so stop with you bitchass comments nd go listen to your shitty ass white boy metal music cuz nobody wants to hear anything from you

  • This:

    That’s pretty good Shawn. You’re exactly the tone-deaf douchebag target audience Kanye got rich on. Your post reads like Kanye himself wrote it — clueless and bigoted. Bravo.

  • seastar

    incompetent to follow a schedule? its out of his teams hands when it comes to getting across the boarder/ dealing with customs. I don’t see how you can consider this being his fault in anyway shape or form.

  • This:

    A classy asshole?

  • This:

    Classhole ftw

  • Steve

    Though he is far from eloquent and really could use a basic English lesson I do agree with his tone. Kanye is far from bigoted as he is one of the few rappers willing to stand up for gay rights in the notoriously homophobic hip-hop community. His music may not be for you (it certainly isn’t for me, bought tickets for my girlfriend) but I respect the guy for always being himself, even if that is a total asshole sometimes. And I can admit some of his samples are not half bad.

  • Adam Nowek

    Tell us more about how you’ve released six albums that record stores can barely keep stocked.