Exotic wild cat chained to exotic car in Yaletown (PHOTO)

Exotic cat car

You don’t see this everyday: an exotic wild cat chained to an exotic car in Vancouver’s Yaletown neighbourhood at night.

The photo was taken several weeks ago in mid-August, and the car the leopard-like cat was sitting on is believed to be a Lamborghini. The rare sight captured the attention of a small crowd of onlookers.

Update – The following statement was sent to us by Lorenzo Garcia, owner of the car and cat:

I didn’t leave the the car there to go dining. I was actually outside the entire time with the car and the cat. The cat is actually a African Serval. The breed is endangered and have been domesticated. Ramsey (the cat on the Lamborghini) was bred locally. These cats are actually very calm and friendly. We had the exotic car there with the cat to advertise for our events company and a local club in Yaletown. Having him tied to the car was not cruel. If it was was cruel, police wouldn’t have stopped their cruisers in the middle of the street to pop out and have a picture with the cat.

Where were the owners of the exotic wild cat and car? They were in their own natural habitat wining and dining.

These type of cats certainly do not make the ideal house pet nor should they be alone in public within dangerous reach of bystanders, but an argument could be made that it’s a great anti-theft measure for the $200,000+ car.

Exotic cat car


Image: Twitter @hifromada

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  • Steve1

    This needs a caption contest

  • 604livin

    “aiit time to go to killjoy… hold down da fort mufassa!”

  • smokeup

    “a guard dog you can get by, aint no one fuckin with a cheetah”

  • Really?

    The company and person are complete douche bags!

  • Kelly Brook Allen Ant Farm

    douche bag response

  • Kelly Brook Allens Ant Farm

    Another Douche bag response

  • Kelly Brook Allens Ant Farm

    So flaunting your riches is dope! You sir are also douche. What happened to being modest, and classy.

  • Kelly Brook Allens Ant Farm

    Chilliwack! That explains everything……

  • Sky_Pirate85

    Do your research people, Servals, Ocelots and Caracals make awesome pets though they are a handful to take care of, need a lot of living space for exercise, time spent outside, special diets and medical care and a lot of attention. They may not be suited for life in a highrise or a basement suite, but really what animal is?

  • LoLo

    People always jump to conclusions like this about everything that’s posted on the internet, TV, etc; maybe we should learn from this… stop judging, assuming, pointing fingers… if you have nothing nice to say, positive, educated comment/advice, or a solution to a problem then SHUT your mouth!

  • LoLo

    Okay, so maybe this guy is rich and a show off… but no need to assume what he does and does not provide for his cat. No one knows… and those that do, obviously are speaking out for him. GET OVER it already. We have bigger issues going on in the WORLD!!!

  • LoLo

    ^^^Shut up and save your links for the brainwashed and uneducated!!!

  • LoLo

    Okay, so maybe this guy is rich and a show off… but no need to assume what he does and does not provide for his cat. No one knows… and those that do, obviously are speaking out for him. GET OVER it already. We have bigger issues going on in the WORLD!!!

  • Amber

    Kelly I am not sure why you continue to argue about this well other than *gasp* a bunch of you were sent here from a facebook page for Savannah owners to defend owning the breed. I have never once stated the animal was illegal to own in ALL of BC and I am not sure if it is because none of you can or just choose not to read. I said specifically that the animal was ILLEGAL in the city of Vancouver which is where the picture was posted. The cat lives in Chilliwack as you pointed out which is fine, and I left it at that. Yet you all come back and reiterate a fact that was never mentioned and try to defend this fact which really makes no sense.

    Each municipality has different bylaws, I know said bylaws for the city of Vancouver and know it is illegal to own one in said city. The cat lives in Chilliwack where there is no bylaw, wonderful. No point on continuing to argue with people who are hell bent on arguing about something that was never mentioned. All I have said is I don’t believe in owning exotics but that is just me just like many don’t agree with the breed of dog I own but i keep up to date on bylaws in the city I live in and the cities I visit to make sure I follow them which all animal owners should do regardless.

  • Ken Hardie

    Good on you for incorporating the car/cat owner’s comments into the story.

  • Shellyvegan Norton

    I’d sooner see a person chained to the car, at least you could ask their permission.

  • Wildcat

    I am really sorry to see all of the controversy around Ramsey. I am Ramsey’s owner and he lives in the Fraser Valley with 3 other servals, one of them being fostered. Ramsey occasionally spends time in the lower mainland visiting facilities and socializing. He is well adjusted and generally enjoys outings. However, I agree that he should not have been on display on an exotic car in Yaletown. Ramsey has a loving warm relationship with the person who cares for him while on outings, but this episode showed an error in judgment. Ultimately I am the one responsible for Ramsey’s well being and should have been keeping closer tabs on his activities that evening. I was very distressed to see the article as I like my privacy. I am not rich but am committed to ensuring that my cats have the best possible care. I have loved any type of cat since I was a child and my dream was to own big cats. After some research, I realized that this was unrealistic, but that serval’s could enjoy living with humans in an adapted environment. They have the run of a large home and habitat and are given a good quality of life. It is a different environment than the Savannah but being 4th generation, they are quite domesticated. Ramsey has an exotic cat vet in Vancouver and some charitable commitments, however I do understand people’s concerns around bylaws and will be more mindful of these.

  • Kayvon Motamed

    I know where this little guy lives… Take a look at my photo for a hint!

  • Amanda Myers

    I just don’t see the big deal. He’s got a soft leash on and the owner’s right there. He sure doesn’t look stressed or like anything is wrong with him to me, and I’ve worked with servals for years.

  • Gordon Sumner

    Sorry to mess up your story but, I was out that day as well, and the person who emailed you as being the owner of the cat and car is actually not. There were 3 expensive cars parked there, all just for show. The cars and cat were there for hire and for show. The green car was actually driven over by a young asian girl who was initially quite concerned about the cat crawling on the car. Eventually after much convincing, she left the car and went home. The cat was also a borrowed creature. The man pulling the cat around was a self proclaimed employee of Condo King Rennie, and was house sitting the cat for someone in the fraser valley. This whole thing was set up to try and sell property to people.

    So, here is how it worked. The property guy hired the car guy who hired some expensive cars to be parked on the street outside of Killjoys. The property guy had some sort of deal with valet and bouncer to be able to do this. Property guy borrowed/rented the cat from someone and brought it along. Property guy walks up and as people (mostly tourists) come by and get involved in the spectacle, he tries to sell them some pre-sale condos. Using the I invested 15 grand in the last one and sold it for 37.

    All the locals who walked by looked quite disgusted with the spectacle. The girl in the car was herself quite taken aback initially until condo king convinced her that the cat was de-clawed and that really she should be more focused on buying some pre-sale condos. He also boasted about owning a Ferrari, which was initially just parked down the road and upon further probing was in the shop for further repair. Probably fictitious.

    You be right. We don’t see this everyday, and I hope we don’t.

    The cat was an African Serval, which are domesticated in Africa.

  • Guest

    Total troll.

  • Kelly Cook Sense

    LOL at Common_sense, daniel cook, and the whole crew. I don’t know which of you is the owner and which are his cheerleaders but please, for humanity’s sake, drive yourselves and that hideous lambo off a bridge. I’ve included directions to give you a nudge in the right direction. Good luck.


  • SVirk

    A savannah is a Serval bred to a domestic – A bengal is a Asian Leopard Cat bred to a domestic

  • chickeee

    an “N” and WINNING license plate

  • chickeee

    you can’t buy good taste

  • Nisha Bhasin

    Ramsey is the mist beautiful intelligent and domesticated serval cat I have ever seen. He is live and cared for and has a gorgeous enclosure. ..please people educate yourselves in this breed of cat…the african serval cat.before you open your thoughts of hate towards the owner of this cat and the cat itself. Its not a hobby,its a privilege to live with a serval cat.

  • Charlie Domino

    A great anti theft measure? Its a 30 lb. cat! Give me a break. “Chained to the car?” I don’t see a chain, I see a nylon rope/leash)This is what happens when uneducated writers “educate” others. There is no way a serval is going to act as a guard cat. The fact he is able to sit up there calmly with so many people walking by means his owners have put a lot of time into reassuring him. He is fine. Cats (big and small) have a way of letting you know when they are unhappy in their environment. The writer should really be ashamed of this trash piece.They went for the PC “All animal use is abuse” instead of embracing the fact THIS cat won the lottery. He has food, shelter & medical for life. His wild counterparts have to worry about having their meals stolen by larger predators or worse, becoming the meal. People who have zero experience should keep unqualified opinions to themselves.

  • Charlie Domino

    It sounds like maybe you don’t like the city? I’m not sure where you get from the photo that the cat doesn’t like it. His ears are not back. He’s not hunched down…..His body language indicates he’s very comfortable. The owner was near by at all times, its not like he was left out there unattended.

  • Sara Serval

    servals are NOT wild cats, they are exotics.

  • I just know

    I can see the care taker of the cat in the picture. Guy on the right in the white shirt. He is very protective of this cat and would never leave it unattended. It’s domesticated and likes to go out. Just saying.

  • Stewie Cat

    Ramsey is a now a 3 Year old African Serval cat his Father is Steiwe (facebook Stewie cat) the cats are much loved and walk every night to David Lam park just like a Dog we bring them to St Pauls Hospital 2xs a month and other pubic places to show how loving the cats are Don’t be a hatter on someone who Doesnt have to work and spend 24-7 with there pets!!