Roberto Luongo ranked 11th best NHL goalie by ESPN

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ESPN has ranked NHL goaltenders and Canucks Roberto Luongo has come in 11th – one back of former Canuck Cory Schneider.

“Experts” have ranked each player based on their current quality of play on a scale of 1 to 10.

11th – Roberto Luongo

Score – 7.60

2013 stats:

  • 20 games played
  • 9 wins
  • 6 losses
  • 3 OTL (overtime/shootout losses)
  • 2.56 GAA (goals against average)
  • .907 SV% (save percentage)
  • 2 shutouts

Tied for 9th – Cory Schneider

Score – 7.68

2013 stats:

  • 30 games played
  • 17 wins
  • 9 losses
  • 4 OTL
  • 2.11 GAA
  • .927 SV%
  • 2 shutouts



Image: Jeff Vinnick / NHL

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  • Muhammad Malik


  • Josh Hall

    Stupid poll question. Schneider is going to play a fraction of what Luongo does. Plus, ESPN knows jack diddly about hockey. Why are we pretending like they are the NHL go-to?

  • Blair

    I find it hard to agree with some of ESPN’s opinions. They are basing this off current play and they rank a guy like Ray Emery who hand an amazing season 14th, and Craig Anderson who basically carried Ottawa 7th, yes in the top ten but to far down by what I think. I wouldn’t worry about what they say too much, have faith in Lou. And I hope Schneider has a great season as well.

  • Blair

    Meant to say 24th in that for emery.

  • Cory Schneider

    I will

  • banjowalker

    Agreed! ESPN are complete fools. Buzz should just make a list.

  • Matt

    Brodeur saying Schneider will be the starter in ‘a couple years’ is just so stupid. He is so much better than brodeur at this point in their careers. It’s a business– move aside Marty. And I love Luo, but Schneider is also clearly better. Schneider could easily win a vezina one day.

  • Rich

    These guys also picked Edmonton to win it all last year.

  • Richard Lentz

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