Fifty Shades of Grey to begin filming Vancouver in November

50 shades of Grey Vancouver

Earlier this week, the Fifty Shades of Grey film cast was revealed. The feature film, based on the popular erotic trilogy, will start filming in Vancouver on November 5.

Last week, it was also announced that Vancouver was chosen as the filming location for the upcoming World of Warcraft feature film. The movie will have sizeable production budget.

Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Cast

Dakota Johnson (The Social Network, 21 Jump Street) will play the role of Anastasia Steele and Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy, Pacific Rim) will play Christian Grey in the movie adaptation of the E.L. James erotic bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey.

Charlie Hunnam
Image: Pacific Rim

Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 9.32.56 AM
Image: Courier Mail Australia

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  • Crissy and Mags

    Vancouver was not my first guess, but ok!

  • Tracy Simmons

    Looking forward to the movie. Charlie Hunnam can, in my opinion, totally pull it off!

  • jay

    How long before its relocated to toronto

  • Kahlia

    You need Lauren Watson as an actress in the film !!! She’s amazing and perfect for any role

  • craigdan

    Vancouver has 10,000 of so called “Actresses” who think just because they have been cast as an extra in movies, they are now an actress. Reality check please!!

  • notjuliakristeva

    As with much of current popular ‘culture,’ expect the worst, whether in regard to subject, script (I doubt this movie will require a real one) or ‘actors.’ Ultimately, who cares about celluloid that will make it immediately to the trash heap of history.

  • Rocio

    What happen to Matt Bomer??? he’s totally perfect for the role.


    At first I was very upset with the actors chosen to Play Christian Grey and Ana Steele. I started doing some research especially on Charlie Hunnam whom I had never heard of. He does seem to be very sexy and nice hair. Hopefully they will give him that just f—ed hair cut and maybe darken it. He certainly has those beautiful grey eyes. I think he may surprise us. I can’t wait.

  • Disappointed

    Ian would have been the best Christian, so disappointed

  • kate

    let’s go on a trip to vancouver lol

  • skyla


  • just an fyi

    he’s gay and refused the roll because of that reason

  • just an fyi


  • Lisa

    Still waiting to see who is going to play some of the other key people in the book

  • charity

    he did not refuse the role because he is gay .some people

  • Debbie

    I totally agree. Lauren Watson would be perfect for the part. Check, Check……..

  • jennifer

    If he going to be the cg and she going to be the anna you going have to color their hair and take it at of the book of them how we the people see them,and do not change the movie keep it like the book for us so we will not go oh no it like not the book’s thank’s

  • in case yur wondering

    Totally gay. And does nothing for Christian’s character.

  • Savanah

    So which Vancouver are we talking about here Vancouver BC or Vancouver WA? I really wanna know plz

  • Tamara Van Hees

    In my opinion, I would have never have watched it if Ian was cast, or Matt :-(

  • sandra moffett

    Should’ve been Henry Cavil or Matt bomer really dissapointed

  • swaine

    so upset about the actors! never would i of chosen them, but hey… i don’t like to judge a book by its cover.

  • huda

    ohhhhhhhh look at the pic of Henry……he is the real Christian


    So looking forward to the movie! I think they will do great. I didn’t really care who played ANA. It’s all about Christian Grey. Im so glad Matt didn’t get it, though he looks the part that’s it. He can’t act very well. As for Ian he’s sexy but he’s acting is a little week too. Have you watched the Vampire Diaries? Id like to see Ian as Gideon Cross in the show there making on the Cross fire series. As for Charlie yes he’s scruffy, but that’s because he’s too busy acting in a real show that shows real emotions. He is great in Sons of Anarchy absolute fabulous. I guarantee that everyone is still going to go watch this movie. Its not the actor we all fell in love with its the character of the one and only MR. CHRISTIAN GREY :)

  • Msmisty

    I honestly could picture Channing Tatum as Christian but I doubt he would ever consider the role. Lucy Hale would have been my pick for Ana she has the look described in the book. However I think who is casted will be great. I anxious to see if the movie lives up to the book:)

  • Melany

    Charlie Hunnam is an amazing actor, those of you who say that he isn’t good for the role have obviously never watched anything that he has been in. Do a little investigating watch his previous stuff, He has been in other movies and tv programs then just Sons of Anarchy and Pacific Rim. Take some time and watch some of the other things he has been in and you too will see why I think that he is the perfect person for this role. He is a very versatile actor, he hasn’t been stereo typed as just being able to play the bad boy image. I laughed so hard when I read so many people complaining about that he is a blonde. Seriously are you people stuck in the 1800’s or something? LMAO!! HAIR DYE! Colour of his eyes not right! COLOURED CONTACTS! Such petty things as to why he wouldn’t be right! Check out his acting ability before you start judging. I have spent the time and have seen almost everything he has been in, and not because of this but because I liked him when I saw him in the first season of SOA.

  • anne70

    they say he didn’t want to be Christian. Being gay many say would be a problem but I think that’s a stupid reason. The Christian doesn’t excist! it’s an imagination from a book and any good actor can play any role! Christopher Atkins eat human brains in silence of the lambs and it looked real but to all people who think a gay can’t play a hetro……….. Anthony doesn’t eat human brains in real life!! Neither he’s a serial killer but it looked very real in the movie!! So Matt could be a perfect hetro Christian if he wanted to!
    But Charlie is a good actor too……. so it will be fine :)

  • anne70

    Matt yes looks for me the most as Christian Ian would be a great Gideon.
    But now it’s Charlie and it will be a nice movie also!

  • anne70

    I love Charlie in SOA but don’t know him from anything else so for me he is a biker. Now i’m going to watch more stuff from him so he becomes more then a biker to me :)
    I didn’t know Matt before but when i saw his pic it just fits perfect for me. So that’s why i was a bit disappointed but as i say i’m going to know chalie a bit better and i think he will be a great Christian also. And i have to laugh about his hair too, the can make a human look like shrek or an avitor so……… not that hard to let him look like the Christian from the book LOL

  • anne70

    me too :)

  • annyjay

    BC of course. They would say Vancouver, Washington if it were the other one. Vancouver BC has movie crews and sound stages, don’t think the other one has any of that.

  • Disgusted

    He is NO Christian!

  • leina

    i love charlie in pacific rim but ian somerhalder is the perfect christian grey for me

  • ceri

    charlie is smoking! everyone should chill and trust the judgement of the woman who created fifty….clearly she has some good creative instincts! plus look at all the opinions were pulled in several directions, can’t please em’ all. Hunnam has the body of an adonis, the darkness to pull greys different sides aka possessive once abused child ruffian, this is not the job for a pretty boy and he’s just tough enough to pull it off:)

  • ceri

    too old…

  • Catherine Dyne

    LOL – Gideon is described as 6’2″ and powerfully built – how does dinky little Ian fit that? Plus, if his acting is too weak for Christian (which it is) it’s too weak for Gideon also.

  • Catherine Dyne

    Ultimately, who cares about your negative opinion. FSoG fans, despite the recent casting disappointment, WILL still support this film and it WILL be a massive success.

  • flower

    Charlie is going to make a great Christian Grey. Can’t wait to see the “bed head” look and copper colored hair on him. The screenplay is being adapted from the books so it will be interesting to see how true to the books the movie will be. The movie will be big if for no other reason than people will be curious to see how this plays out. Of course critics and dissatisfied fans of the people not chosen to play the roles will be ready to knock the film. Can’t wait to see Charlie bring Christian Grey to life. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Charlie Hunnam named a future ‘Sexiest Man Alive.”

  • wind6

    Matt Bomer? Are you kidding. Did anyone see Magic Mike? He was NOT sexy and was very awkward looking. Charlie is an amazing actor and has that dangerous, sexy vibe. He will be great,

  • Daisy

    I really didn’t know who Charlie Hunnam was…but now that I have seen him in Sons of Anarchy and other film roles, I believe he is the perfect Christian Grey!! People protested when Robert Pattinson was cast for Twilight and look how that turned out.

  • Katie

    I was curious about that as well. The production crew called the WSU Pullman campus to inquire about doing some filming there. If there were some scenes in Washington, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • annyjay

    They’ll probably have to do a few scenes in downtown Seattle, around the market, driving down the 1-5, shots of the Space Needle, etc. Vancouver and Seattle are similar but they don’t really look alike.

  • Tori

    Yes I agree. Matt fits it perfect. Some say his role in magic mike make him seem like he couldn’t fit the part. Magic mike and fifty shades are completely different. Matt has the perfect eyes and the perfect business look to him for this part. He always looks to serious so he would work better. Yes SOA is a great show. But not christian material. I won’t be as excited to see the movie.
    Ps matt being gay has nothing to do with it. He’s a great and serious actor

  • tori

    Magic mike wasn’t supposed to be serious like 50 shades. Matt bomer has that serious sexy vibe.