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Chinatown gets a taste of Germany! If you’ve ever wondered what the deutsch love to eat on the street and late night, Bestie has taken upon themselves to show you. On East Pender, just a couple stumbling footsteps away from Fortune SoundClub, a little sausage haus has appeared.

Bestie Currywurst Image 05_webImage: Scott + Scott Architects

The menu keeps to its Vancouver roots and stays local with the sausages made on Granville Island by Oyama Sausage, who have been in the business for the past five generations. The pickles are done on site, and so are the fresh pretzels. Steins are filled with a wide variety of local beers, but it wouldn’t be a German food spot without some German beer. They have a great selection; I recommend the Steigl Radler Grapefruit, which tastes just like summer, and at $5 for 500ml it is well worth the cool-down.

Owners BestieImage: Ben Nelms

Clinton and Dane are behind this venture, and can always be found running the show at night. When asked why a German restaurant, Clinton replied, “Because we live in a society deprived of sausage.” The two love to throw in a joke, and are more than happy to fill you in on where everything on their menu is butchered, baked and pickled. Hint: mostly in-house.

Bestie got some great help from that buzz word – crowdfunding on Indiegogo! They managed to raise $15,730 (originally $10,000 goal) by the generosity of those pre-purchasing magic Bestie cards for future food.

An awesome added bonus: a late night take-out window! You can order currywurst until 3 a.m. This is star of the menu – sausage cut into slices, with curry ketchup on top of fries. I can tell you from personal experience, this is definitely popular on the weekends.

Scott and Scott Architects Bestie Currywurst 4

Image: Scott + Scott Architects

The restaurant is colourful and small, and feels like that hidden neighbourhood favourite. The decor is chic and inviting, and you can watch the kitchen staff preparing your food behind the bar. In keeping with the Chinatown spirit, and with a need to mix cultures, on top of their pretzel machine sits a maneki-neko, that fortune bearing white cat with the red ears. This little spot is busy, but well worth the wait. Gotta love the sausage! Wunderbar.

Written by Alina Anghel, a Contributor for Tangoo at Vancity Buzz. Connect with Alina on Twitter at @cheriealine.

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