Stanley Park's 125th Anniversary: 125 things to do and see

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To celebrate Stanley Park’s 125th Anniversary, we’ve compiled a list of 125 things to do and see in Stanley Park. Vancouverites are so lucky to have this beautiful landmark as a part of their city.

The park provides the essentials to experiencing life without ever having the leave the city. Our list consists of places to see and landmarks, as well as things you probably never thought about experiencing or trying out.

It’s a compilation that celebrates the beauty of Stanley Park, and all the adventures and memories it has taken part in shaping. Of course there are numerous other activities to take part in, and things to see.

Leave a comment below with your favourite activity if it’s not already on the list! Celebrate! Stanley Park will take place August 24 and 25 at outdoor locations and venues throughout the park.

125 things to do and see in Stanley Park

  1. Running
  2. Cycling
  3. Rollerblading
  4. Romantic walks
  5. Theatre under the stars
  6. Going to the aquarium
  7. Concerts
  8. Festivals
  9. Water fights
  10. Water parks
  11. Swimming
  12. Movies
  13. Finding your soulmate
  14. Chasing birds
  15. Being chased by geese, yes it does happen
  16. Painting
  17. Singing
  18. Watching the sunrise
  19. Second Beach
  20. Third Beach
  21. Rock sculptures inukshuks
  22. Totem poles
  23. The Tea House
  24. Tennis
  25. The Fish House
  26. Papillion Cafe
  27. Prospect Point Cafe
  28. Food carts
  29. Mingling
  30. Pitch and putt
  31. 9 o’clock gun
  32. Taking picture of the skyline
  33. Blaze weed
  34. Getting sand stuck between your toes
  35. Getting sand stuck between un-mentionable places.
  36. Skateboarding
  37. Drumcircles
  38. Bonfires
  39. Tanning
  40. Picnics
  41. BBQ
  42. People watching
  43. Bird watching
  44. Animal watching
  45. Nature walking and hiking
  46. Old hollow tree
  47. Lost Lagoon
  48. Beaver Lake
  49. Siwash Rock
  50. Prospect Point
  51. Horses
  52. Pools
  53. Historical tours
  54. Watching hummingbirds up close
  55. Visiting the Mountain Police horse stable
  56. Paddle boarding
  57. Admiring vintage cars
  58. Meeting park gardeners
  59. Getting married
  60. Live music
  61. Acting like a child on the swings and slides
  62. Basketball
  63. First dates
  64. Contemplating the meaning of life
  65. Marathons
  66. Crashing after your “last” hangover
  67. Finding shells
  68. Finding sea glass
  69. Public sex
  70. Parking lot sex
  71. Water slide
  72. Swimming in your birthday suite
  73. Running into a pack of raccoons
  74. Horse-drawn tours
  75. Getting lost
  76. Finding a new awesome spot after getting lot
  77. Eating gelato
  78. Concession stands
  79. Watching the sunset
  80. Frisbee
  81. Volleyball
  82. Hackey sack
  83. Train
  84. Gazing at the stars
  85. Legends of the Moon Gift Shop
  86. Climb a tree
  87. Find a beaver at Beaver Lake
  88. Mermaid statue
  89. Watch Fall Away Home by Sherry Jay Yoon and Jay Dodge
  90. Waterpark
  91. Firetruck at Second Beach
  92. Rose Garden
  93. Getting married
  94. Rhododendion Garden
  95. Salmon Stream
  96. Lawn bowling
  97. Rowing club
  98. Royal Vancouver Yacht Club
  99. Lions on Lions Gate Bridge
  100. Canoeing/kayaking
  101. Denman boat cruise
  102. Go for a drive
  103. Japanese war memorial
  104. Eagle watching
  105. Swan watching
  106. Feeding the pigeons or the geese
  107. Whale show at the aquarium
  108. Sea otters in the lake
  109. Working on your homework
  110. Watching the Celebration of Lights
  111. Halloween train
  112. Christmas train
  113. Easter train
  114. Bright lights festival
  115. Pitch and putt
  116. Pose with Harry Jerome
  117. Lighthouse
  118. Find the former polar bear cave from Stanley Park Zoo
  119. Nature house
  120. Sailing
  121. Resting your mind while enjoying the scenery
  122. Remembering how pleasant it is to immerse yourself in nature
  123. Balancing on the sea wall
  124. Yoga
  125. Curing your soul with saltwater – sweat, tears and the sea


Image: aVision Photography

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