Soccer fan honours Twitter promise to get Kenny Miller tattoo

kenny miller

Prior to the match between bitter rivals England and Scotland on August 14, 2013 at the famous Wembley Stadium, 20-year-old Scotland fan Ryan Pearson soberly tweeted out that he would get a tattoo on his bottom reading “Kenny Miller, Goal Machine” if the Whitecaps striker managed to score against the Three Lions.


In the 49th minute, Miller brilliantly turned and fired a shot past the outstretched arms of English keeper Joe Hart and into the back of the net.

Miller scores against England

Image: Getty Images / Whitecaps FC

Pearson honoured his promise by getting the tattoo the next week.

kenny miller tattoo

Image: Phil Dye / Daily Record

“When Kenny scored, I did celebrate at first, but then my mates remembered what I had promised – and they weren’t going to let me renege,” said Pearson.

“I’m glad I did it though. I wasn’t even drunk when I sent out the tweet, so I don’t even have that as an excuse.”

Now let this be a lesson to all, always think before tweeting.

Here’s what Miller and his Whitecaps teammates had to say:


Feature Image: Phil Dye / Daily Record

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