Sneak Peek of the CRAFT Beer Market

Craft Beer Market Vancouver

Update: CRAFT Beer Market is set to have their grand opening on November 7, 2013

The CRAFT Beer Market is coming to Vancouver in September and we got an early look inside to find out what to expect when they open their doors to the public.

It’s no secret that the CRAFT Beer Market is hoping to make a big impression on the city. With the prominent location of the old Salt Building in Olympic Village, the restaurant is hoping to draw big crowds looking for locally sourced menu options and a exceptionally large tap offering. How large? The biggest on tap menu in Canada with 140 beers to choose from (approximately 55 of those BC based) and 12 wines on tap.




But while they have an extensive beer list, they are more interested in offering locally sourced ingredients. Labelled “New North American Classic” menu options will range from OceanWise Hawaiian Tuna Poke to organic chicken burgers, with providers like Fraser Valley Chicken and Two Rivers Meats supplying the goods.




This focus on authentically local has also translated into the interior design, which retains much of the original beam work from the previous Salt Building renovation. The restaurant will be able to seat around 400 occupants, including the outside patio, with a private room for approximately 30 people and two second level seating areas on each side of the building. The finish will be a very clean wood look that is meant to blend with the large exposed beams throughout the building interior. One unique feature will be the keg room which will feature prominently near the entrance of the restaurant and will be fully enclosed by glass. Tap lines will also run above, rather than below, giving a unique look to the bar.




CRAFT will also focus on showcasing their amazing line-up of beer through cask nights, brewmaster tours and special collaboration beers.  They are currently working with Granville Island to bring a collaboration beer to market when the restaurant opens and are scheduling several brewmasters to come in from overseas to sample their brews.  They’ve even managed to become the first to convince Austria’s famous Steigl Brewery to ship kegs to their locations; this is the first time the brewery has shipped kegs in its 500 year history!


While the launch of the new location has been delayed, organizers are confident that the building will be ready for the public by mid to late September.  They are also ramping up their search for staff.  A hiring fair will be held on August 24th and September 7th between 10 a.m. and 1.p.m. and 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.  They are looking to staff all positions so anyone interested should head down with their resume in hand.

Artistic rendering of the finished restaurant:

Artist rendering of the finished building

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  • pd_van

    Um, it’s “peek” not “peak”…great photos. Can’t wait to try it out.

  • Contrasoma

    Long pipes equal stale beer. That they’re trying to sell them as a stylish virtue rather than a design flaw makes me worried. I’ve wanted to be hopeful about this venture, but issues like that (and only 39% local brews) give me pause.

  • Conor Doyle

    The length of lines are of no great consequence. The main problem with beer lines comes from when they are too short as the beer comes out too quickly and looses carbonation. If the diameter of the line is reduced correctly and the pressure is regulated right, which I’m guessing these guys understand I mean they are building a craft beer pub so give them the benefit of the doubt of a basic beer knowledge that most home brewers understand, you will have no stale beer.

  • Ryan

    Way to downplay the fact that they plan on having FIFTY-FIVE BC beers (“only 39%”). I welcome the opportunity to choose between those 55 and another 85 choices from other great beer locales.

  • Loser

    Typical, complainer. So many of “you” type on Vancouver message boards. Can take any positive into a negative.

  • BPOEr

    If air doesn’t enter the line, does it matter? It would be the same as being in the keg then only without cooling.

    Sealed systems are sealed systems. What a daft statement. Typical negative Vancouverite. Something nice comes to your city and you still need to piss on it let alone what you lot say about any other place in North America.

  • Simon Staszkiewicz

    The one out here in Calgary is pretty popular. It was a pretty okay experience.

    Moving back to Vancouver tomorrow. I’m coming home!

  • Pete

    Pool tables and darts???

  • Matt

    Looks huge, promising. For the size of the place, its going to be important to keep it full all of the time. There’s nothing more depressing than walking into an empty bar on a weeknight and paying $5.75 a pint (or $7.50 after tax and tip).

  • Sammy

    Great concept.. except Tap & Barrel is already doing it directly across the street. I get competition, but it’s a pity that the 2 out of 2 restaurants in that tiny neighborhood are almost identical. What about some variety??

  • Henry

    What a fine cameltoe

  • lu xu

    Finally, looking forward!

  • Zack Morris

    Better have fine ass waitresses there!! ^___^