Science World Sex exhibit ads get banned

Science of Sexuality

A rather genius ad campaign promoting “The Science of Sexuality” exhibit at Vancouver’s Science World has gotten the attention of media outlets all over the world. 

And Science World couldn’t be more thrilled. The campaign was created in conjunction with award-winning ad agency Rethink.

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The above ad features a woman in leg casts lying with her legs spread and a man on top of her. The caption below reads “Orgasms kill pain.”

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“Ejaculation fights colds,” features wads of tissue paper. 

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In sexually repressed North America, and presbyterian Vancouver, it’s only natural that two of the three ads were subsequently banned from local bus stops. Science World was fully aware of the controversial nature of the ads and anticipated the ban.


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  • kman

    Of course….pft

    those are awesome ads, but we must ban anything to do with sex cause that never happens and no one should ever speak about it

  • mrtinypants

    probably cause the threesome is inaccurate…

  • Ibby

    Let me guess, it’s the first two that were banned?

  • Don Latter

    These are only controversial here. Atlantic Canadians woud find them humorous and want to buy the posters.

  • Rudolpho Hennings

    It seems a bit disingenuous that you create ads KNOWING they’ll be banned, and that you’ll use that “ban” to create buzz. No?


    It is sad that ads like this can get banned in our day and age. How can any self respecting person actually ban those ads? I am more and more disappointed in my country as time goes by.

  • essy

    Sexually repressed North America? Presbyterian Vancouver? Really, youve got to be kidding me.

  • Alex Underschultz

    I lol’ed hard at that commercial. Total Scrubs flashback. good on them! they should not have been banned.

  • Spud

    Violence is ok…but sex OMG..absolutely taboo !!!

  • Celina Anderson

    I’m surprised these are controversial, here. It’s Vancouver, for crying out loud; compared to many other places in Canada, we’re very liberal. If people are worried about children seeing these ads, I think they need not; youth who already know something about sex are hardly being “corrupted” further by these ads, and the ads will likely go right over the heads of younger kids. If the latter inquire about the ads to their parents, then great: it gives parents a chance to practice age-appropriate explanations to tough questions posed by their kids… which they should, because the rest of the public shouldn’t censor themselves anywhere near as much as the stroller brigade (and the prudes) seem to expect them to.

  • Steve in Van

    Why do you describe the ‘Orgasms kill pain’ print ad as featuring a woman?

  • Yarr

    presbyterian Vancouver?!?!?! cmon now.

  • jennay

    Talking about sex with kids helps them develop a healthy sexuality and sense of self… Ignoring the topic and not having any conversation about it creates adults who have issues communicating their sexual needs… I personally think sex needs to be more out in the open. How can we expect kids sexual health to develop properly if we don’t talk to them about it?

  • missnicoleo

    Likely the pink toenail polish, hairless legs and position led them to think it was a woman.

  • SiD

    Banned? Great! Their evil plan is working! Record attendance soon to follow at exhibition…Good job.

  • Yawn

    Frankly, I don’t think the ads are that creative or funny. Maybe they were turned down because of that? 😉 Please, someone get us some world class advertising creative.

  •!/HirooNakamura Hiroo Nakamura

    im glad you don’t work with ads coz you obviously have poor taste regarding what is creative 😉

  • MarkyMark

    I live in Denmark. Nuff said.

  • lycalion

    Advertising isn’t exactly known for being genuine or earnest.

  • Heather Gammon

    I think there would be less violence in the world if people would stop being so prudish. When will people realize that Sex is natural and not dirty between consenting adults. Oh yeah thank religion for teaching the world that natural human behaviors are evil…

  • slartybartfastiq

    Nike got its start by buying strategically placed seats in a football stadium and having employees hold up placards that combined together to put a big Nike logo on national TV. They were thrown out of the stadium, but that just created more buzz and got them more attention.

    That’s not disingenuous, it’s just good advertising strategy.