Meanwhile in Richmond... (PHOTO)

Meanwhile in Richmond

We’re not sure what to make of this. A mother appears to have asked her son to relieve himself into a garbage can while in public at Richmond Centre.

Last time we checked, there are plenty of washrooms inside Richmond’s largest shopping centre.

However, for this guardian, a short walk to one of the mall’s washrooms proved to be too much of a distance. For some reason, the boy had to urinate into a garbage can out in the open inside Richmond Centre. What happened to public etiquette?

UPDATE: a Reddit commenter claims that her aunt noticed that her cousin had begun to wet his pants spontaneously, and she believed urinating into the nearest garbage can was the best course of action to prevent a larger mess given the walking distance to the nearest washroom.

Even under such “pressing” conditions, is this complete lack of discretion still an acceptable practice?

Meanwhile in Richmond

Photo by Twitter @brandonbeavis. Aspects of this image have been blurred out for the protection of the individuals depicted.

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  • Van East

    Isn’t multiculturalism wonderful..

  • Gus

    Why make mention of the race?

  • feight

    If you’re going to bother to say “Asian”, you might as well go all the way and say that she is Chinese.

  • Collin Lewis


  • Embarrassed Chinese-Canadian

    Why not go one step further and say Mainland Chinese


    no privacy in that bathroom

  • daniel cook

    Not sure why but the comment was removed.

  • Michele

    While I don’t think this is right and I think it is gross, not sure the public shaming is necessary.
    Why do you need to mention the ethnicity? It’s awkward.

  • daniel cook

    Why not mention the race? Could it be that Chinese are well known for this type of filthy behaviour? Yes they are… I’ve been there many many times and and confirm that Chinese often let their children pee and poo all over public streets. Do you see western cultures doing such a thing? No.

  • Maya Jones

    yes, so wrong, so unsanitary, so rude and so shameful- but why mention “Asian”?!? I find that so offensive. Not to make this racial- but when race is mentioned, it becomes such. If it was a white mother, would the title read so? Doubt it.


    It would so… don’t be hypersensitive

  • Guest

    why don’t we turn this around into a positive. A little boy needed to pee and better than him wetting his pants or the ground you walk on. At least he went into a lined container!!! When little children need to go they really need to go :)


    next time I have sh *t I’ll do it on your lawn and say….well, the positive thing is I didn’t do it on the sidewalk

  • AnAsianDude

    Uh…yeap, walk around early or late, I’ve seen tons of Caucasian adults peeing everywhere. Never an Asian (yet). This is fairly commonplace in Asia though so while I agree its deplorable, its not like this an ingrained Chinese thing.

  • Maya Jones

    if you can find me one recent news article where “white woman” or “white women” is used in a negative manner or connotation perhaps I can agree with your quick response and will apologize for being hypersensitive.

  • effing idiots

    another trash article on a trash website.


    get out of your box and watch the news, Constantly “Caucasian male” does this or Caucasian female does that…. give your head a shake

  • daniel cook

    You’re joking right? Obviously you haven’t left surrey then. I live on Granville street and plenty of Asian grown men peeing all over my back ally.

  • daniel cook

    This isn’t America people aren’t picking on your race….. Just today on the news Caucasian male in Langley sex offender subject. Deal with it.

  • Mvnjns

    It is common practice in china to pull down kids pants and pee on the street in broad daylight. We don’t do that here

  • Thrumiiis

    Don’t get righteous ~ when I worked downtown I got to watch men of all nationalities using the world as a public toilet.

  • Jamie

    this is disgusting! smh.