Bruins Fan Gets Tattoo of Sedin Being Mauled

Boston Bruin Sedin Tattoo

Looks like one Boston Bruin’s fan is not a fan of the Vancouver Canucks and Montreal Canadiens. The fan has a tattoo of bear in a Bruins jersey viscously attacking P.K. Subban and what appears to be one of the Sedin twins. 

It’s an interesting tattoo that acknowledges the Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup win.

Subban appears to be fighting back, where as the Canucks player (assumed to be a Sedin) is merely protecting himself while laying on the ground.

Buzz tip to Puck Daddy

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  • SaintQ

    What a terrible human being

  • Ann Marie

    He’ll have a Canuck on his arm ’til the day he dies…. silly ol’ bear.

  • sillybruins

    funny he has a tuukka rask mask instead of thomas haha.. rask didn’t even play in those playoffs

  • Tashi

    What a stupid ass tattoo… BUT he will have a Canuck on his arm for life!! BHAHaHahahhahaaaa

  • PSH

    How many arms does he have ?