What do you Love? Guerrilla street art on Denman street

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What do you love? Well now you can share it with all of the West End. Thursday morning, at the empty lot on Denman and Nelson, multiple cardbord hearts adorned the iron gates, allowing anyone to write what’s in their heart.


Not much is known about who is responsible, but that is one of the many charms of street art. Above is Bond and Taylor showing some love at the scene. Bond said that you should write what you love and what you want. He said that a magical fairy will come out at night and make your wish come true. I laughed and he scolded me, saying that you  have to believe otherwise your wish won’t come true. So be sure to stop by and write down what you love and what you desire, or simply to check it out. Sharpies attached to strings have been provided, so don’t worry if you arrive unprepared.


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