Don't Be That Guy: 7 Educational Posters Advocating Sex Without Consent Is Sexual Assault

VPD Sexual Assault

The Vancouver Police Department is launching the 2013 “Don’t Be That Guy” campaign. The campaign includes posters with a hard-hitting message aimed at males between the ages of 18 and 25, and that message is: sex without consent is sexual assault.

The “Don’t Be That Guy” campaign’s hard-hitting message is designed to focus attention on sexual violence and to force young males to recognize the boundary between consensual sexual contact and criminal sexual assault.

The primary goal of this campaign is to reduce incidents of sexual violence in the city of Vancouver. These posters were first created by an Edmonton-based anti-sexual assault advocacy group and will be in nightclubs and bars at Vancouver’s entertainment districts for the months of July and August. It is an inclusive campaign considering that it even includes a poster for men-to-men gay sexual assault.

VPD Don't Be That Guy 1

VPD Don't Be That Guy 2

VPD Don't Be That Guy 3

VPD Don't Be That Guy 4

VPD Don't Be That Guy 5

VPD Don't Be That Guy 6

VPD Don't Be That Guy 7


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