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Model: Gloentina Aquila

Gloentina’s love for the beauty and fashion industry started at a young age as she recalls being fascinated by the early Guess Jeans ads, featuring young beauties, Drew Barrymore, Claudia Schiffer and Anna Nicole Smith. Officially discovered while working backstage at a fashion show by an Italian hairstylist, she has walked the runway for fashion greats such as Betsey Johnson, and has been locally and internationally recognized through publications by Maxim magazine and UK-based FHM, just to name a few.

Her love for the stage as well as art and music drew her towards dance performance and has done so live, and in many music videos for artists such as pop sensation Elise Estrada and Bollywood superstar Jazzy B.

Her passion drives her to succeed in the world of modeling and dance, all the while staying connected to her family, and committed to her full time career as an architectural and design representative for her family company, Euro Tile.

Gloentina thrives on the hustle and bustle of her jam packed schedule, but looks forward to taking some time off this winter. She and her husband, whom she adoringly refers to as her “Cheffy” are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their first child. A challenge that she describes as being “overwhelmingly exciting, and gives me butterflies.”

When asked for any last words, Gloentina smiles and quotes a Beyonce song, “Boy you know you love it how we’re smart enough to make these millions, strong enough to bear the children…. Then get back to business.”

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Photos: Torquille De Jonge

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