City paints permanent rainbow crosswalk in Vancouver's West End

Rainbow Crosswalk Vancouver 2

Davie Street just became a bit more colourful. In time for this week’s major Pride festivities, the City of Vancouver has installed permanent rainbow crosswalks at the intersection of Davie and Bute Streets.

The installation of the rainbow striped crosswalk was first announced weeks ago and will become a permanent city attraction for residents and tourists. It was painted overnight on Sunday just in time for the City of Vancouver’s proclamation of Pride Week later today.

The rainbow stripes are a universal symbol of LGBT pride and will further cement the LGBT community’s place in the Davie Street Village. On the bigger picture, the permanent rainbow crosswalk is also a celebration of how far Vancouver has come into becoming the safe, inclusive, and accepting place it is today.

Just like the rainbow crosswalks found in a small number of other cities in other countries, this new downtown Vancouver fixture will likely become another very well photographed city landmark. The permanent installation on the intersection of Davie and Bute Streets comes after last summer’s trial (temporary) installation at the intersection of Davie and Denman Streets for Pride 2012 events.

Vancouver Pride Week festivities will kick off this week and climax on Sunday, August 4th with the 35th annual Vancouver Pride Parade and the Vancouver Pride Festival at Sunset Beach. Click here for our full Pride 2013 event guide.


Rainbow Crosswalk Vancouver

Vancouver Rainbow Crosswalk

Vancouver Rainbow Crosswalk

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  • newtonbrotha


  • Sean

    Gay or not, I love it!

  • Vanessa

    They should probably re-paint the white lines now too :p

  • GayAsInHappy

    How long will the vibrant pain last as vehicle traffic wears it down?

  • Ray

    Thank you, City of Vancouver!

  • Patricia Dawe

    I love it!!

  • NickVancouver

    That looks awesome! But yeah, they should have re-painted the white bits too!

  • DjFIL

    don’t rainbows have 7 colours, not 8?

  • Johnny

    Looks like a trip back to the 70’s.

  • LisaLise

    I totally LOVE this!!!! I can not wait to walk across those streets and bring my son with me. What a great idea <3

  • Rusty

    pretty gay

  • Lorraine

    thank you Vancouver now let’s get all the cities to do this across Canada, I live in Mississauga and wish these cities would do that I would even volunteer to paint.

  • Keith and Mary

    Congratulations to Vancouver for being such an inclusive city. The kids and I look forward to walking across this crossing when we next visit your city.
    Curious though why there are 8 colours not the usual 6 in the rainbow flag.

  • Happy Hippie

    What a great idea! That will be a MAJOR tourist draw as people will want to get their picture taking walking across! The more we can support alternative lifestyles the better off everyone will be. I am straight, married with children and who am I to say someone else can’t be who they want to be.

  • brad

    the original flag in 1978 had 8 colours
    Hot pink -sexuality
    Yellow – sunlight
    Turquoise- magic/art
    Indigo Blue- Serenity/harmony
    Violet- spirit
    It has been modified a few times since- the last modification has the Gay Rainbow Flag with 6 colours

  • Brad

    OOPS!! Left out
    Orange – Healing

  • Mike@phenmetz

    The very first signs of LSD reflux…

  • Bryan Collins

    what do the extra colors stand for ?

  • Snappy

    I suspect the inclusion of hot pink could also be to tie the crosswalk together with the hot pink bus stops in the area. Nothing beats a little coordination.

  • Leo Forbes Knox

    The white bits are painted with semi-reflective paint and I’m pretty sure that it’s a safety standard for all crosswalks to have them if I’m not mistaken… So They can’t actually paint over them.

  • NickVancouver

    I meant they should have re-painted them white. They look dirty at the moment.

  • Jim

    Rainbows have an infinite number of colours as each of the usually named 7 blends into the next. In memory of that well known fellow Roy G. Biv, those usual 7 are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. But think for a moment of how many different shades there are between, say, pure red and pure orange. In the photo, the crosswalk has two shades of red, giving 8 colours.

  • bkrs

    who’s gunna be the first to do ‘gabby road’ album cover.. well? who?