Brooklyn Gastown: Vancouver's New All-Purpose Nightclub

Brooklyn Gastown Drink Service

We’ve all been there: stuffed in a box pretending to dance, rubbing bodies with partially drunk sweaty strangers, standing arms length away from a DJ mouthing “no requests,” and yelling just to make conversation. Why have we all been there? Well, that’s kind of what clubs are like in Vancouver. Brooklyn Gastown offers an escape to a classy, energetic and welcoming getaway.

Brooklyn Gastown Bar

Located in Gastown, Brooklyn boasts a multilevel open concept space with antique accents and a clean, industrial feel. Antique chandeliers line the ceiling while dim lamps and light fixtures illuminate each floor. Dark wood floors and furniture, rich brown leather couches and unfinished walls give the space a comfortable loft feeling. Added bonus: clean bathrooms lined with chic wallpaper. Perfect for mirror pictures (yes men, you can take them too).

Brooklyn Gastown Lounge Area

What kind of people go to Brooklyn? Easy answer: everyone! They don’t judge. As owner Anthony Pratt explains, “everyone comes in with a smile, and it’s just about having a good time; it’s a place where people can feel like celebrities.” It’s not a shady backdoor bar that smells like urine and nobody cares about you. At Brooklyn, you’re taken care of. The atmosphere at Brooklyn is easy-going, so grab your favourite cocktail from a laidback bartender, and get your ear fix from some of Vancouver’s hottest DJs.

Brooklyn Gastown Dancefloor

The best part about Brooklyn – the options. Multilevel also means multipurpose. On the top floor, you can have cocktails, relax with friends, gawk at the partygoers below you and have a decent conversation – no yelling required. There’s a roomy dance floor for patrons who just want to get their groove on. Lounge-type seating areas line the walls for bottle service, resting tired feet, setting down a drink or people watching. A soon-to-be elevated DJ booth spreads music throughout the entire venue regardless of what floor you decide to explore. Bars and drink service are never more than steps away.

Brooklyn Gastown Seating

So, if you’re looking for a place to celebrate a special occasion, or you’re thinking of where to take a date, or maybe you just want to go to a spot that guarantees a good time, Brooklyn’s the answer. It has a little bit of everything for everyone.

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Address: 91 Powell Street, Vancouver, B.C.

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Written by Haidee Kongpreecha, contributor for Tangoo. Connect with Haidee on Twitter @haid_.

All images courtesy of Brooklyn Gastown

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  • Sam

    Why kind of music?!

  • Cocksucker

    Brooklyn…… Why doesn’t it go suck some cock cus apparently that’s all they let in.

  • Rae

    Decided to have a ladies night, and picked Brooklyn NIGHT club. Worst idea! The bouncers were rude and obnoxious. The female bartenders were stuck up and took forever to serve the women at the bar. In fact, I waited for 20 minutes before speaking up. I asked to order a drink and the blonde bartender put her hands up and made a scene. I walked away grabbed all my friends and we left. Honestly the worst service I have ever experienced in a Vancouver night club. Would never spend money at this place, period.