Man of Steel 2 production departs Vancouver for Toronto

Man of Steel

Last night, news broke out on the relocation of the Fantastic Four ‘reboot’ film production to Louisiana. Although it was news to many, it was old news to those who work in the film industry.

Sadly, production relocations will not be ending with Fantastic Four. As a Vancity Buzz exclusive, the unofficially announced news is the devastating relocation of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel 2 production from Vancouver. This news comes to us from a reliable source who works deep within the North American film industry.

Much of last month’s Man of Steel was filmed in our beloved city of Vancouver. However, Syncopy and Legendary Pictures have decided to move the sequel’s production to Toronto where Ontarian film tax credits are much more favourable.

To date, Premier Christy Clark and the re-elected B.C. Liberals have refused to increase the province’s film credits to a competitive level against those found in Ontario, Louisiana, and even Quebec. This is compounded by the regressive impact of abandoning BC HST and returning to PST, a mistake made by misinformed voters.

Man of Steel brought an estimated $100-million in local economic spinoffs to the province, and its sequel would likely have done the same – if not more. The Superman reboot had a total budget of $225-million.

Man of Steel 2 a.k.a “Superman Vs. Batman” would be the first film to have the fan favourite superheroes appear on the big-screen together. “Let’s face it, it’s beyond mythological to have Superman and our new Batman facing off, since they are the greatest superheroes in the world,” said director Zack Snyder, who has a love interest for Vancouver. Man of Steel 2 is scheduled for release in summer 2015.

Over the last nine months, the Vancouver film industry has lost major contracts of producing mega-budget Hollywood sequel films including X-Men, Fantastic Four, and now Man of Steel 2. These films were all previously shot in Vancouver.

This begs the following questions: will other Vancouver productions also announce their move in the coming weeks and months? Will Vancouver lose even more movie productions? Will television series productions also pack up and leave for more economically competitive jurisdictions?

It is time for the provincial government to realize we cannot lose any more film production jobs in what is already a very precarious time for the B.C. economy. Their lack of acknowledgement for what this industry brings to the city and the province is at the forefront of the Save BC Film campaign.

Last year, Henry Cavill was seen filming the Man of Steel helicopter oil rig rescue scene at a production site in North Vancouver.

Save BC Film - Man of Steel - Superman

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Featured image: Man of Steel

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  • interitus

    Hey Christy Clark, this right here, this is why I had to move out of BC.

  • disqus_qqNy1f4rxl

    Great article – yes Christy Clark I’m a BC born Canadian, who -still- is having to work in California (5th year now) because there is NO work in BC.

  • clairvius

    sad, but we get the government we deserve.

  • Bigthunder

    I work in BC Film and there is plenty of work depending on the department you work in. Man of Steel 2 was never confirmed to ever shoot here and was always a rumor during the first one.

  • AtomicPlayboy3000

    why would they be filming it when there isn’t even a script?

  • Stephen

    Because WB owns a studio in Vancouver, and they filmed part of the first one here. So why wouldn’t they?

  • Aiden

    I am willing to bet, and no I am not sure just guessing, that some of the post-production comes back to Vancouver though.

  • 148jules

    Can the author of the article explain to me why the HST is better than the GST/PST in BC?

  • Cloud

    Probably can but basically it’s a simpler system and would eventually lead to lower taxes

  • Cloud

    Zack Synder likes the Vancouver film crew very much. That’s why he chose to film Watchmen, Sucker Punch and Man of Steel here in Vancouver.

  • Cloud

    Well that would be great for the post-production fellas but it’s the actual filming the generates local business.

  • Bizzo

    And I’m sure that all 5 of the guys will be gladly employed.

  • Guest

    Some evidence to support the claims of this poorly written article would be useful.

  • Not Amused

    ‘Depending on the department you work in’ I assume you must think your job is safe now too but the thousands of people who are soon going to be out of work are now learning new skills and are coming to take over your job too. Cannot wait to hear what your think about that when you finally feel the government has let you down too. If you’re not being hurt by this then shut the heck up. And if you are then grow some and help out the others around you who are being hurt by this instead of claiming there is SOO MUCH WORK! Open you freaking eyes and your ears. Maybe you will start to be scared like the rest of us.

  • accttemp1

    The hst is fully deductable/refundable whereas the pst is a non refundable fixed expense that production does not have on Ontario.

  • URADonkey

    “…a mistake made by misinformed voters.” this statement reeks of biased and is terribly misinformed itself, it has no place in this article.

  • Jackson Triggs

    Tim Burton has been filming in Vancouver since (July to August) on his feature “Big Eyes”, with a budget of $10 million, not $200 million. So Ontario tax credits DO make a difference when the budget is hundreds of millions of dollars.

  • Jackson Triggs

    The “Ontario Film & Television Tax Credit” is a refundable tax credit , available at a rate of 25 percent of the qualified labour expenditure of an eligible production.

    This is generally “harmonized” with the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit.

    The OFTTC is generally calculated as 35% of the eligible Ontario labour expenditures incurred by a qualifying production company.

    Productions that are shot in Ontario entirely outside of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), or that have at least five location days in Ontario , receive a 10% bonus on all Ontario labour expenditures incurred for the production.

    So it adds up to millions of dollars in the pocket for the studio, as opposed to just giving it to the BC government.

    Its a no-brainer.

  • James Harris

    Bigthunder must work for the governments film commission, they’re the only ones with job security.

  • JerzyGoldsmith

    Shooting in Toronto? That’s news to us considering it was already confirmed that the production wasn’t coming here weeks before the Comic Con announcement. I honestly can’t imagine where they’d book space considering studio space is booked solid with Guillermo Del Toro’s various productions. Unless they rent space in Hamilton I can’t imagine where they’d set up shop. Considering everyone is picking this story up from this website I’d wait for confirmation from more official sources.

  • Angry Byrd

    Vancouver has been the recipient of plenty of projects in the past that left other jurisdictions for their own. X-Men originally filmed in Toronto and moved to Vancouver for 2 and 3. Fringe shot their pilot in Toronto and then moved to New York for season 1 then Vancouver for Season 2. Vancouver will always have work. The film business ebbs and flows however, and the tax credit does play a big part of the draw to Toronto.

  • JohnRJohnson

    Any film that has Batman and Superman “facing off” is going to be about 5 minutes long.

  • dj

    I work in film as well, and the producer said that it moved because production was shut down due to a page one rewrite, and the delay would take the shooting schedule into winter. He said shooting in rainy Vancouver during the winter wasn’t an option. The article skipped over that part. Listen, I want more investment, and a fair playing field, but let’s not start to make things up.

  • dj

    It’s shooting in the States… the South I think.

  • Robert Chartier

    oh common bats get at least round two 6 minuets. lol
    superman doesn’t want beat batman up too badly he needs somebody to wash his tights lol.well he busy saving the rest of the planet.

  • JohnRJohnson

    I meant to write “5 seconds” long.

  • Peter Carr

    “Depending on the department” is right. If you work in Production; AD, PM, Unit/ Locations,Mng., Prod. Coord. etc, where there is only 1 or 2 (ok 3 in AD land) of you its slim picken’s out there. Maybe it’s time to start attracting some of that low budget / non-union stuff thats been pushed out of Toronto and replaced by Hollywood.

  • Peter Carr

    thats not what this articles about. who cares how long it is, is about jobs

  • Peter Carr

    then why has Toronto been dead for the past 8 years?. All od a sudden, since Tax credit increas, it’s busy once again. Tax Credits are the reason. end of story.

  • adrian mcdonald

    You must be the person who leaves before the VFX worker names show up in the credits. FAR more people had work because of Man of Steel’s VFX than people working on the set. The VFX jobs also last longer than physical production positions.

  • adrian mcdonald

    There are over 100 VFX houses in BC that would beg to differ with you on that. They spend their money on the same variety of things anyone else does. Physical production is no more (or less) important than VFX.

  • adrian mcdonald

    Louisiana’s incentive has always been more generous than BC. Why didn’t FOX relocate the earlier Fantastic Four films, or the X-Men movies that were in BC back then?? Saying they have a better incentive is the reason BC is NOW losing these projects ignores the fact that better incentives were available in the past when BC wasn’t losing the projects.

    Has anyone considered the fact that maybe, just maybe, these projects are now relocating not because of a much better incentive elsewhere, but rather to “punish” BC for not increasing theirs? Playing jurisdictions (nations, states, provinces etc.) off one another has been a core political strategy for many years now.

    Relocating these projects has reignited the debate about raising the incentives in BC. How convenient.

  • Robert Chartier

    not thrilled about more jobs going away from bc but at least my friends in Toronto will get work

  • AtomicPlayboy3000

    no, you missed my point. tHE INFERENCE IS THAT THEY WERE ACTIVELY FILMING PRODUCT WHEN REALLY ITS IN THE PRE-PRE-pre PLANNING STAGE. There is literally no script or scenes to film at the moment so there wasn’t actual work being done.

  • Guest

    “This news comes to us from a reliable source who works deep within the North American film industry.”

    I noticed how no one else confirmed or picked up this story until this:

  • BigDickimus

    So Vancouver steals work from LA.

    Toronto steals work from Vancouver.

    LOVE the irony.

    Does it hurt Vancouver film people? Does it suck to see your industry slowly being sucked away?

  • BigDickimus

    The ONLY Reason any city outside of California has a thriving film business is because of government bribes.

    Once the BC film industry cuts the bribes, say goodbye to its film industry.