Food Cart Festival Vancouver 2013

Food Cart Fest 2013

Food Cart fans will be pleased to know that Food Cart Fest is back. The annual gathering of over 20 of Vancouver’s top Food Carts is complemented by community markets, live music and DJs, craft food vendors, kids activities, and lots more. Food Cart Fest starts on Sunday, June 23 and takes place every Sunday from 12 p.m.-5 p.m. until September 22. Admission is $2. Children 13 and under get in free.

This year they will be operating out of a new location on 215 West 1st Avenue (on the south-east side of the Cambie Street Bridge). The site is next to the Seawall and a short walk from the Canada Line’s Olympic Village Station, the Aquabus’ Spyglass Place Dock, and major bus routes along Broadway, Cambie, Main, West 2nd Avenue. In short, it’s a much more convenient location.

Food Cart Festival Vancouver 2013 Participating Food Carts

Food Cart Fest Vancouver 2013
Date: Every Sunday from June 23rd to September 22nd
Time: Noon to 5pm
Location: 215 West 1st Avenue

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  • Darren

    I live here in False Creek only blocks away from this food cart fest, have been saying “I should go try some time”. Just drove by on my way home and decided this was the day, so I Google searched to find out the hours as I was considering dinner now at 3:05 and found this sight. Only to discover a cover charge, apparently, just for the opportunity to see if you want to give one of them your money. FAIL!!!, I won’t be walking over after all! Ordering Greek delivery from Apollonia on Fir st.

  • vanislandcustomer

    I want to go to this, but I’m hesitant to pay the $2 each for my whole family to go. Before we even spend a dime on food we are out $8! Ridiculous. Just means I have $8 less to spend on the vendors I guess. Along with parking downtown, I guess I’m out even more. Maybe we will go somewhere where the trucks are parked and eat there instead.