Infographics: What does $1.3 billion and $2.75 buy you from TransLink?

Photo Credit: Roland Tanglao

TransLink is often scolded in the media and at the water cooler for mismanaging public funds, out of control spending and constantly gouging taxpayers and drivers. However, TransLink is giving you a good bang for your buck, according to infographics produced by two local Vancouver bloggers.

Each year, TransLink’s revenues total $1.3 billion and 80 per cent of that comes from fares, the fuel tax and property tax. Paul Hillsdon of Metro 604 crunched some numbers and calculated a cost of $1.56 per day for each Metro Vancouver resident for transit services, bridges, road and cycling infrastructure. Not bad when you consider a medium double double from Tim Hortons costs you $1.65.

Vancouver’s transit fares have been criticized for being expensive and unaffordable, but Daryl Dela Cruz on his blog compared TransLink’s fares with the Toronto Transit Commission and Montreal Transit Corporation. He found transit in Vancouver is cheaper because the city and region receives more transit services than Toronto and Montreal for every dollar raised from fares.

For more, see their infographics:

What you pay for translinkThat equals justIn Return you getfor just $1.56 per person per day | Create infographics

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