Luongo's Yaletown condo for sale (photos)

Roberto Luongo Condo

The Vancouver Sun has gotten their hands on some photos of Roberto Luongo’s Yaletown Condo for sale. The 2006 King’s Landing penthouse is listed for $4.2 million. It’s no where near the $28 million price tag for the Fairmont Pacific Rim Penthouse, however, it’s still a great looking condo. 

Finished Floor Area Main: 2,673 sq. ft.
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 3 (2 full, 1 half)

Photos of Luongo’s Yaletown condo for sale

Luongo's Yaletown Condo for sale

Luongo's Yaletown Condo for sale

Luongo's Yaletown Condo for sale

Luongo's Yaletown Condo for sale


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  • KevanKevan

    Lou is selling his house….? #foreshadowing

  • EffEcks

    He needs a bigger TV, a closer couch, or a par of binoculars for each guest.

  • Becky Bayne

    what is the name of that orange colour? I love it.

  • Nathan

    thank god, ill pack your bags lou

  • nate sucks

    Think he cares, dude? For the sake of “fans” like you, I hope we have a few more Cloutier years ahead of us.

  • Dutkowski

    Hay Man! WE ARE THE SUCKERS who are dumb enough to make FAT CATS out of these “stiffs” ! …………………. Sports…HA HA…………….BULLS RUSH. What ever happened to LOCAL PLAYERS for LOCAL TEAMS……………….They should have to give back some of the MILLIONS they are paid when THEY FAIL……………(Do you suspect by now I am not a (so called) Sports fan?????????????

  • obvious


  • Andrew Rivlin

    To be honest it looks pretty dull, certainly it is a lot nicer than my shoebox apartment, but for a rock star sports multi millionaire he doesn’t know what he is doing with his money. It looks like he walked into any luxury euro furniture shop in gastown and picked 1 of everything.

    2 bedrooms… 4 million. Great use of money. I guess he gets the last laugh, since when the big collapse comes, this condo is worth $400 per sqft aka $900k.

    Chrome fixtures on the tub, but bronze/gold on the mirror/lights.

    the chandeliers are terrible.

  • altoidlifestyle

    Burnt (or burned) red-orange…

  • kyle

    so thats where poo’d like a hundred times

  • ACE

    The Fairmont is not in Yaletown. Just saying.

  • Julien Escueta

    “The 2006 King’s Landing penthouse is listed for $4.2 million…” – Luongo’s apartment.

    “It’s no where near the $28 million price tag for the Fairmont Pacific Rim Penthouse…” – apartment used in comparison.

    Learn how to carefully read.

    Just saying.

  • Khalil Kassam

    It’s not the penthouse, it’s the subpenthouse

  • Phil Nielsen

    @ Andrew. it is called staging. You do that when you are selling your place so people can see what it might look like. At least get it right before you dump on him

  • Pagn_Angel

    Yes! Thank goodness for Lu!! He is getting away from the negative fans when he can!! He is a great player and he is smart!! He is making a living from playing a game he loves; how many of you are making a nice pay doing something you love? Have you tried out for a professional sports team? Did you make it?

    WE can pick apart every player and coach decision but that does not change the fact that it was just a crappy season for them. It was not solely Lu’s fault. The team isn’t called the Luongo’s it is called the Canucks; therefore, it means all the players need to contribute and play for the win. Not depend on one player.

    If Lu wanted a basic condo to call home, then that was his decision and choice to make. Especially since his real home is where his family is.

  • Sultry

    Absolutely gorgeous.

  • Bitchinboots

    And the new question is… With Schneider being traded, did Lou take his condo off the market?

  • Roberto Luongo

    Any offers?

  • Roberto Luongo

    I know you’ll be cheering like the #1 Luongo fan when I bring home the Gold Medal for Canada.

  • maya

    It’s a great place.I’ve been to a few star athletes places and I can tell you that even though their homes are furnished,they barely ever use it.I also agree with someone’s comment about staging.This is exactly what you do to sell…this is exactly what sells.Whether you like it or not,majority loves it.It’s simple glamour.

  • Zach Eh

    i think it was missing a key piece of the walls which was more art from local canuck supporting artists

  • David M

    This place should have been on the market a year ago.

  • David M

    Exactly, I have a 55″ and sit maybe 7 feet away.
    He needs a 400″ TV at that distance.

  • MK

    He’s a hockey player, not an interior designer

  • Boom Boom

    WOW!! Luongo uses toilet paper just like everyone else!

  • Boom Boom

    He has a nice house in Florida and he lived in Vancouver part time……..what do you expect?

  • Gary Murray

    We need to remember. This is only a temporary home during the hockey season. No need for him to go all out on interior design. As a professionally paid athlete you never know when your number is up and that you will be getting traded. When you are traded it’s not like they give you any sort of decent notice.

  • Matt France

    It sold for a cool $3.85 mil.

  • Michael

    Aren’t you the guy at Pac Rim that was scamming owners on their rent by lying to them on how much you rented their suites for? You aren’t even a realtor or licensed property manager. They whole strata resigned because of you. Sounds like you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar once again just like you did at UBC. Google Khalil Kassam UBC interesting reading for sure. Don’t rent anything from this guy he’s a liar and a thief!!!

  • Flash Martens

    wow ,,his carpet DOES NOT match his drapes ,,,BALAND and boring ,,,omg way over priced