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ankle strap heels

Gone are the days of over bejeweled and terribly busy shoes – the newest trend (and a sure to be classic), are the basic no fuss ankle strap heels! Little heel, some ankle strap action and a basic band across the foot, simplicity at its best!

These ankle strap shoes started popping up a few seasons ago and initially reminded folks of footwear circa the early 90’s but some of the biggest designers are revamping this look and giving it a whole new life.


YSL / $795.00

Manolo Blahnik

Big designers come with big price tags so if you’re looking to spend a lot less, look no further than the shoe heaven that is Zara. They’re not only one of the city’s favorite clothing stores, they’re giving footwear shops a run for their money. Here are some of their best ankle strap heels currently in season:

Zara Ankle Strap Sandal (red / black) / $99.90

Zara Leather Sandal (beige / black) / $79.90

Zara Combination high heels (blue / black / red) / $59.50 & Zara High heel pointed heels (black) $59.50

Seriously, how hot is that gold heel on those babies? Talk about sassy! I’m not really an everyday heel girl but these had me as soon as I saw them online. And the biggest seller of all? They’re shoes that you can wear for years, and plus they’re versatile – worn up with a mini dress or down with a pair of boyfriend jeans – what more can you ask for? Happy shoe shopping, everyone!

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