3 Canucks in Cosmo's Hottest NHL Players list

Hottest NHL Players 2013

Every once in awhile, Cosmo likes to take a break from telling women the 179 ways to please a man (word to the wise there’s only four things you need to do to please a man) and instead does some real hard research. That laborious research has led to their 2013 Hottest NHL Players in the playoffs list, which features three Vancouver Canucks. 

Ryan Kesler

Ryan Kesler

Ryan is hot. Ryan all sweaty? Um…cannot deal.

Chris Higgins

Chris Higgins Abs

Yes those are Chris Higgins' Abs.

Scruffy playoff beard…mmm.

Maxim Lapierre 

Max Lapierre hot

This centre is known as an aggressive player. We like a man who goes after what he wants.

You’ll notice that Kevin Bieksa and Mason Raymond were left off the list. How that happened, we don’t know, but an investigation is pending. And how Cosmo forgot to include Zack Kassian is also beyond us…just kidding.

Buzz Tip: Pass it to Bulis

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