Top ten places to meet single people in Vancouver

Single in Vancouver

Single in Vancouver? If you find it difficult to meet someone and find it difficult to date, you are not alone. Vancouver is partially populated with single men and women who complain separately, but somehow need to congregate together. Throughout the Single in Vancouver series, I have attempted to uncover why this city has a bad name when it comes to dating. I’ve gone out to local bars, I’ve sat in coffee shops creeping with a note book, I’ve asked men uncomfortable questions, I’ve angered many women, but, most importantly, I’ve been living proof that being single in this city is anything but easy.

After numerous nights out, realizations, discoveries and articles, I am finally able to tell Vancouver the 10 best ways or spots to meet singles. Drum roll please….

10. Online Dating 

With pros and cons, online dating comes in at number ten. For those Vancouverites too busy to go out in search of love, the option of surfing online for love proves to be helpful. Online dating provides you with an introduction to the world of single people – terrible profiles aside, online dating can lead to a relationship.

9. Bar Trivia

Trivia and alcohol come in at number nine. Sometimes the easiest way to meet is while drunk losing a game of trivia…. Other times you end up home, alone, and realize you suck at guessing random facts.

8. School 

When you are busy with school it’s rare that you have time to go mingle and meet your match, so why not say hi to the next attractive person you see in the coffee line also dreading their next lecture.

7. Yaletown Brewing Co.

It’s all about the beer and atmosphere in my opinion. YTB has it all: location, great food, amazing beer, a positive vibe and most importantly, attractive singles.

6. Lamplighter 

Coming in at number six, Lamplighter fills to max capacity for good reason – I guess you’ll have to go to find out.

5. Hockey Games

Whether you have tickets to the game or you hit a local pub to cheer on the team, game nights are filled with Canucks T’s, beer and rowdy fans…. the recipe for a pick up.

4. The Roxy 

If you’ve been of age, living in Vancouver for some time, you know all about the Roxy. Known as a “pickup spot”  here in Van, it attracts the singles because it’s always a good time.

3. Grocery Stores 

Believe it or not, the grocery store may be your best bet at meeting someone in a sober, natural setting.

2. Fortune 

Where the Hipsters congregate, Fortune comes in at number two. With the best sound system in the city, art covered walls, the ability to dress up or down and the good looking patrons, it’s no surprise Fortune ranked in at second place.

1. Coffee Shops 

You stop by every morning for a wake up, you grab a pick me up on your break, maybe you bring a text book or bring your laptop to catch up on work; Meeting at a coffee shop is the story you want to tell your future children. There’s no alcohol influence, no rude men whistling as you walk by, no pressure at all. It’s up to you to approach and I suggest you make that move the next time you lay eyes on someone that distracts you from your latte.

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  • Maverick

    I’ve seen this a thousand times now.  Here’s the #1 way to meet people – TALK TO THEM.  Doesn’t matter where you are, if all you do is smile or wish you had the balls to say something, you will never meet anyone.  

    I think busses, the sidewalk or volunteer events are missing from this list.  

  • Jason Bryan

    All of these make it difficult to gauge the socio-economic status of someone. Living and dating in Vancouver requires a partner of equal or greater standing.

    The “profile shopping” ease of online dating makes finding that next vagina like clicking through a catalog of anonymous women.

  • VanCity

    Can you please stop saying Fortune is full of hipsters that is so far from the truth.

  • RickV

    Fortune is full of hipsters. It’s true.

  • Sawce

    False. Fortune is full of skaters and shred-bums.

  • Boo Boo

    Stop being superficial and try dating asian men.  

  • Dave

    Isn’t this just a rehash of a couple older posts?

  • RickV

     At least the skaters and shred-bums aren’t wearing socks on their heads.

  • FdUpCanuck

    YTB??  Fortune??  The ROXY??????   Bars in general??  LOL  This is a complete joke.  Wow, Vancity Buzz – you loose all credibility.
    FYI – Vancouver is known for the outdoors.  Join an outdoor club – hiking/biking/skiing/swimming/kayaking/SUP/volleyball/yoga – that’s where you’ll meet someone that you may still want to talk to once you sober up.  

  • Shiva

    Vancouver is a terrible place for singles :O

  • Anonymous

    What a horrible horrible list!!! no effort at all put into this!

  • jjnj

    ‘with the best sound system in the city’ Nope, not even close. Should’ve appended ‘tryhards’ to your description of the Fortune crowd, although maybe that’s just the way you’re using ‘hipster’