Wine Wednesday: Rose Prosecco


Even on dreary days like this, I love to pop open a glass of prosecco and celebrate any occassion. In fact, prosecco in itself should be a celebration! While there are many great choices out there for sparkling wine, I tend to stick to prosecco as it is the most consistent in terms of flavour profiles, price and carbonation. Most proseccos are available for about $20 at the B.C. Liquor Store, and this one is no exception. In fact, the Villa Teresa Veneto Rose is a mere $17.

Food pairings

I am a huge fan of pairing bubbly with whatever suits your fancy, as I believe it can be very versatile. For a rose, however, it is better to pair it with a spicy dish or even dessert. The reasoning behind this is that the slight sweetness in the wine allows the palate to absorb spice a little easier. On the other end of the spectrum, pairing this wine with dessert allows the flavours of a sweet dessert to shine, and the carbonation in the wine breaks up the sugars.

Flavour profile

This wine is slightly sweet, extremely bubbly and very refreshing. It has a light citrus to its taste and smells of berries and sweetness. It is a great wine to have on its own or even to use in mixed drinks. Added bonus: it’s organic.

I always suggest that people keep a bottle of bubbly for life’s special occassions. Even if all you are celebrating is the fact that you have a night off to do whatever you’d like, there is something special about popping a bottle of pink sparkling wine!

Rose Prosecco

Written by Sophie Collins, contributer to Vancity Buzz. Connect with Sophie on Twitter at @sophie_collins or on her blog, Sip Savour Share


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