Real Hipsters of Vancouver casting call

Real Hipsters of Vancouver

Vancouver is a well known spot for hipsters. Gastown, Chinatown, Railtown and Mount Pleasant being the hubs of hipsterdom in town. So if you’re a hipster and want to make some money and not want to have to ask your parents for rent money again this month, you may want to try out for the “Real Hipsters of Vancouver.”

Here is the excerpt from the Craigslist ad:

We are currently casting for a new reality test pilot “Real Hipsters of Vancouver”. Looking for hip, fun, attractive people under 40. Please send an audition tape under 5 min. Include your age, show us your personality. What makes you tick? What ticks you off? Where do you hang? Who do you hang with? etc. Tapes must be in by Friday March 18th 2013. Castings will take place at the end of March so don’t forget to give us your phone number!! Shooting will take place over the summer months. This is a paid job.

Not sure if this is a real posting or just another funny craigslist ad like the Vancouver craiglist marriage proposal. Only time will tell.

Photo: IFC

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  • Van Hipster

    Ha I’m a hipster and have never asked my parents for rent money. They did however, pay for my place in Gastown. I’m rich bitch!

  • Shnarf

    Define hipster. Not possible. This is ass.

  • James

    There’s a hidden message in there. “Please send an audition tape under 5 min.” and “Tapes must be in…” This is a way for them to filter out the real hipsters from the wannabes, since only a true hipster would send in a real ‘tape’, on either Betamax or VHS. 


    March 18th is a Monday though..

  • 604YVR

    Shouldn’t be hard to fill these roles. There’s no shortage of em hanging around Vancouver.

  • Dathek

    Fucking hipsters

  • corinn

    thats so over.


    But hipsters aren’t supposed to admit that they’re hipsters which means the “hipsters” on this hipster show won’t be real hipsters….. 

  • Hooliganemeat

    Aren’t Hipsters gone yet?

  • gill


  • Ashley

    you just called yourself a hipster, which doesnt make you a hipster, just a loser.

  • Dub_100

    Please send in your auditions on cassette tape and Super 8 film…

  • Mark Robinson

    Will this air on any cable tv stations or would that be too mainstream?

  • Victoria Potter

    I sent in an email asking if this was authentic 2 days ago; no response. I think it’s a lark.

  • Exclusive

    I recognize a hipster when I see one. It doesn’t matter whether they think they are or not.  


    To be truly hip your on to the second greatest story eve told.

    Viewed at.


    To be a hipster you know The Second greatest story ever told

  • Josh M

    When has a hipster ever been “Fun” or “Attractive?”

  • Anthony Baisi

     Van Hipster should have read the article on Vancouver’s Hipsters in Adbusters 2009.

  • CharlieHorse

    Lame.  Running off another format. Not original.  Typical Vancouver

  • Judy

    Last I knew, this place (above picture) is Olympic Provisions in Portland. Different city, different country. Why not use a local place’s picture?

  • Guest

    Is that Fred Armisen?

  • Alonzo Wang

    Hipster Vancouverite Alonzo Wang at “Ion Magazine” pop up shop in Gastown. Performs original music.

    He needs to be on the show!